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Wings of Rebellion, Part 4

*It’s been months since Sam and Diego joined W.O.R. and they both got enough training to go on the field. Right now, everyone is at Raphael’s base waiting for a mission to come up.*

8:30 AM

On a Friday

Manhattan, New York

*Annie just joined everyone in the kitchen and decided to annoy everyone by yelling “good morning” with Disney princess energy*

Annie: Good morning everyone *says in sing-along*

*Everyone starts moaning with annoying expressions*

Chase: I swear If you break into song you will not live to see happily ever after.

Annie: *softly giggles* *oh* Good morning Sam.

Sam: Morning *said in a tired mood*

*Sam sits at a nearby table, puts his breakfast down, and starts eating*

Diego: Dude, I think she digs you.

Sam: What are you talking about?

Chase: You heard him, Annie’s downright bad for you.

Sam: Come on, we’re just friends, and besides she’d never fall for someone like me.

Chase: I’d have to disagree

Sam: What are you guys, five years old?

*Sam tries not to let Chase and Diego bother him and goes back to eating breakfast*

Peter: Alright listen up, today’s assignment is minor, so we’ll keep it brief. A horde of imps has been spotted in Chinatown, you all know the drill, find them, and dispose of them.

Diego: Sounds easy enough.

Peter: Quick reminder to the rookies, even though these are small fry, you shouldn’t underestimate them, they’re still dangerous and they’re a lot stronger in packs.

Diego: Sorry I asked.

Peter: W.O.R. is depending on us, we leave immediately.

Diego: What about breakfast?

Peter: We leave in five minutes.

*Sam and friends make their way to Chinatown and eventually find the imp horde, the party is now arming themselves, Peter wields a bo staff, Belle wields a massive rifle, Susan wields a scepter, Chase dual wields daggers, Annie wields knuckles, Diego wields a good old-fashioned bat, and Sam wields a Katana. The party approaches the horde with no fear in their hearts, the imps start charging and the party starts charging as well and then all hell breaks loose. Hits and swings are being thrown, and imps are swinging their claws aimlessly and jumping off walls, one by one the imps are being slaughtered, each one being sliced, bludgeoned, and even shot at, in about an hour all of the imps have been killed.*

Sam: *huff huff* Was that all of them?

Diego: It better be, I’m fresh out of steam.

Susan: It should be all of them, I can’t detect any more of them.

Peter: Good, then we can head back to HQ, and since it’s the rookie’s first successful assignment, we’ll go to one of the nearby restaurants to celebrate.

Diego: Great, I’m starving.

Sam: Me too, I need food badly.

Annie: Alright, let’s see if there’s a nearby noodle shop.

*With a job well done, they go out and celebrate Sam and Diego’s first successful mission.*

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