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An Ode To Time

Yesterday is nostalgic, today will be yesterday

And tomorrow never comes fast enough

Until it hits you in a knockout, where you stay.

You know time is limited but you want it to last

Like the never-ending oceans

Where the calm water or crashing waves

Live forever but go through the motions.

Instead, we rise and fall like the sun

Hoping that today is that one

Day you’ve been waiting for.

My favorite writer compared life to a stage

Where we all attend as actors until we are gone.

I think life is more akin to a cemetery,

Where’s there’s a constant longing and memory;

A sight to see.

And everyone around you is just like you.

Life around you changes, but you are the same.

Friends and family visit and life is less plain.

If life were a stage, then I’d forget to act.

If life were a cemetery, I wouldn’t have to act.

But time keeps ticking away, nonchalantly.

You age, I age, we all age. Some stay in touch,

Some disappear but live their lives like me;

Just not with me.

And the words we spoke and thought we had

Connected will vanish with the memories.

Like cutting off a rope, not sad;

Just acceptance at this point, don’t you see?

I don’t have attachment issues, I’m just nostalgic.

The future is Tantalus, always reaching

For more, but can never be reached;

Cursed to live in the present and past

While the future always recedes you.

I used to think I could solve time mathematically.

But those who figured out time don’t think about it.

They just exist with it.

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