The Horror Journals

The Horror Journals

Charlie Frost, Marketing and Sales Director (Web)

The boy was thirteen and bored on his family owned 15-acre plot of land. He had friends, but all of them were busy and his parents went away for the long weekend. The boy was very happy that it was late October. He lived in the west and he was the type of kid who wanted to go outside and play.

He started building a scarecrow out of straw. After he was done, he posted it up. Then he went back to his house and went to bed.

During the night, he heard a noise coming from the cornfield. He got up from his bed and walked to the window and saw there was nothing on the post. He got worried for a few seconds then walked to the bathroom.

When he was done, the boy walked back to the window and saw the scarecrow back up on the post. He chuckled to himself because he thought he was going crazy and only imagined the scarecrow was gone.

Later that night, he went to check the window because he heard another noise. The scarecrow wasn’t there and he got nervous.

Then he saw something move in the cornfield, then through the stocks. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was the scarecrow!

He was so frightened and confused. He wanted to call his parents, but before he could get to the phone everything went dark. He dashed back to his room and locked the door.

As he ran back to the window, he saw a shadow pass through the front door of the house. He moved a shelf in front of his door. It was quiet for a while, so he crept over to the window and peeked through. Nothing.

He turned around and suddenly, he was staring at some orange-yellow eyes! There was a scream, and then no one saw the boy again.