Wings of Rebellion, Part 2


Greg Despines

Editor’s Note: This is part of an ongoing story. To access other chapters, use the “Wings of Rebellion” tag at the bottom of the story, or click here

*Our heroes acquired the Paradiso silver from Norway, Sam is contacting Annie that he and Diego got the silver and they’re ready to head home after one week of searching, Sam, Diego, and Annie are now heading home to the U.S. by helicopter. *

Diego: I know I said this like a million times, but I can’t believe we actually found pure silver.

Annie: Paradiso silver. There’s a big difference.

Sam: I’m actually kind of curious, why would W.O.R. keep using Paradiso silver to make their weapons if it’s so rare? I doubt there’s a lot left to find.

Annie: Well, besides being at least ten times stronger than steel, Paradiso silver is highly valued not just for Its incredible properties, but also for its origin, It’s unclear where the silver came from, but it is believed that the Paradiso silver came to earth as massive meteors and scattered all over the planet, crashing down from the heavens. That’s how the name was inspired actually, because it theoretically came from the sky.

Diego: Ah man, I had no idea.

Sam: Is It really true that the silver is a gift from the heavens?

Annie: Again, it’s still unknown. Anyway, enough about Paradiso silver. Let’s just enjoy the ride home.

*Our heroes eventually get back home and bring the Paradiso silver to W.O.R. and wait to see if they are worthy of joining W.O.R. Eventually Raphael, a skilled demon hunter and Annie’s mentor, arrived with exciting news. *

Raphael: Okay, boys. I just finished talking with the council and they all deem you both worthy to join W.O.R.

Diego: What? Ah, no way!

Sam: Ah man, this is fantastic! We’re now both hunters.

Annie: Hey, congrats you two!

Sam: Hey Raph, when do we start training?

Raphael: Hey, easy there, trooper. You two just became certified hunters, and besides we have to go and get your ID’s.

*With their trial completed and their resolve burning a passionate flame, Sam, Diego, and many other comrades prepare for the greatest journey of their lives. *