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Bitter Frost

Queen Elphaba lived in a grand palace filled with beautiful and rich things. She adored her dining room, the throne room, and most of all, her beloved bedroom. She had many servants who dutifully looked up to her. Elphaba was a proud queen but could be a bit vain and sulking when she was in a bad mood. One night, she had herself a hearty meal, then she started to yawn and asked her servants to help her get ready for bed. The servants helped her bathe, dressed her up in a royal nightgown and slippers, and Elphaba went off to her warm and cozy bed.

Soon the weather began to feel bitter cold. The wind was howling, and snow fell pretty hard. Elphaba tossed and turned. She couldn’t get any sleep at all. She immediately called one of her servants to bring her something warm to drink. Soon enough, one servant brought in a gold mug filled with hot tea. She then felt much better and happily went back to sleep. Suddenly the windows began to rattle, which woke the queen up with a start.

She could see frost patterns forming on the outside of her window. She began to feel awfully nervous and thought that the winter spirit was out to get her. All of a sudden, the windows flung open, and flurries swirled their way into the palace bedroom. Elphaba closed the window to prevent more snow coming in. The snow magically came to life and formed into a man with ice blue skin, a pointy nose and ears, a terrifying face and spiky hair—known as Jack Frost!

Elphaba was terrified but shivered at his icy appearance. “I will now take you far away from your home, my lady queen, and leave you out in the cold where no one can find you again.” Then, Jack Frost took her and left her alone in the bitter cold.

All she could see around her was snow. She then looked up; the snow had stopped. “I’ve got to go back” she cried. She trekked through the snow which was difficult for her to walk because of how steep it was. She then came to an icy pond. While she crossed, she slipped and fell onto the ice. Luckily, the ice didn’t break, and she carried on.

Next, she came to a forest with a little pond. She walked right through and began to feel a wet chill on her legs as she shivered. Then she saw something else. The snow was melting away at good haste and the flowers began to pop up. Elphaba was happy but worried that she might not be able to make it home in time. She was still walking through the forest until she saw a shadow appear on a bush.

Her mind started to race. She thought it was some animal who lives here. “Impossible” she sniffed and went along her way. She didn’t see that the dark figure was a black crow. It swooped down and Elphaba ducked. The crow then flew straight at Elphaba as she turned around. She gave a loud shriek and was knocked out in a split second.

When she woke up, she realized that all had been a dream. She was now safe in her room while outside is dark and windy. She also saw her mug that was half full of her soothing tea. She took her things and went off to the throne room, which had a fireplace. She called one of her servants to turn it on, laid her pillow and blanket on the ground and set her mug of tea aside.

“Now this is the perfect spot,” she said with a sigh and went happily back to sleep once more.

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