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Night Of the Op. Rabbits

Two cops were out on patrol one night, standing around and talking. Then one cop spotted a silhouette figure in the mist. The cop shined his light and found two rabbits with night vision goggles, scanning while hopping all over the area. He thought that the rabbits were working for a vicious leader and that he needed someone to keep a close watch on their work.

The next morning, he reached the felines’ house and knocked on the door for a chat. Citrusella was obliged to let him inside and called to her friends for important news. The cop told them that last night, he saw an op bunny, who looked a bit larger than a rat but with night vision goggles on its head. They were detecting the area for something suspicious or something but found nothing. Then the cops asked the girls to follow them and see what they were after.

“We’ll do it tonight,” said Jubileena.

“I would recommend starting this afternoon if anything happens,” he said.

“Is there more?” one sister asked.

“I believe that is all I can give you, until then, good luck kids!” Then he set out to return to his base.

The girls decided that they should stick around for the time being. The plan for them was to disguise themselves as spies while going out as a group. The place was at a picnic table where the hot dog bar was. Once they ate, they spotted the same two rabbits that the cops had seen before!

Then one rabbit began to scam the ladies for their alignment and their hidden power, which gave it something interesting to report. Nougetsia thought that they don’t appear that harmless, but Jubileena wasn’t sure but is serious business. The sun was about to set so the girls knew that they have to follow them.

All of a sudden, the rabbits started to duplicate, which created a parade of op rabbits. The rabbits didn’t pay any attention to them and went on racing. Soon, they headed towards government headquarters and the rabbits hopped over the security breach while the girls watched them from the tree. Then they separated from their group in sections to search for the main control room.

Jubileena thought that now would be a good time to separate. She divided her friends up by pairs while she went alone. One pair went quietly through the security breach at the middle beam and went to take their place undercover. The second pair also made it safely while the third pair almost passed when Taffyta accidentally touched the beam with her foot. She was worried but Citrusella covered her mouth while Jubileena quickly did her turn. The guard made a sharp eye at the entrance but spotted nothing.

“Now that was close, are you all right?” asked her sixth sister.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Taffyta whispered.

The girls realized that the rabbits were gone so they continued their investigation separately. Minty and Snowanna saw that this place looked huge from inside and were amazed. Then they saw a silhouette of the guards coming their way, so they stopped.

“Hey, stand where you are, kitties!” one guard demanded while holding a weapon in front of him.

“Okay, we give up. We surrender already.” said Minty, who was pretending to obey.

“Come with us” said another guard while they positioned their weaponry.

As they followed through the hall, Minty had an idea. “Hey, what’s that on your back?” she asked.

The guard turned around and Minty knocked him to the ground with her fist. She grabbed her sister by the arm and dashed on with the guard chasing them until he lost sight of them.

Meanwhile, Crumbelina and Nougetsia were getting close the control room. They spotted a door with a security pad on it. Crumbelina swiped her hand and the door opened, which led them to the higher view of the room. She used her mite communication device to tell the others that they’re here.

“Okay, we’ll meet you there,” said Jubileena.

From below, they saw the bunnies coming together and scientists working in a lab, doing tests on them. The president was there supervising their progress when Nougetsia realized that they’re the ones who created those rabbits. Not before long, the others came in the same way the first group did.

“What’s the plan?” said Jubileena.

“Now, we’ll surprise them and ask him for some answers,” said Nougetsia, looking cocky.

Altogether, they somersaulted down the floor and made some serious poses.

“Alright, what’s going on here?” said the brave yellow cat.

They all turned around like they were about to get caught, so did the op rabbits. “Two rabbits have been spotted out in the area the night before and now they started to multiply as if they were a wild pack.”

One scientist began to explain that it was his team that created them because he wanted to test their agility. The president also mentioned that the rabbits have known their hidden power which makes them feel special.

So, the truth is that op rabbits can be useful creatures. The scientists told them that they can fix this with a little serum. From now on, they’ll have five rabbits to keep and three of them out for the job.

The next night, three cops appeared, including one female this time. They spotted not two but three rabbits, tracking down the path of ooze. The rabbits hopped towards the team and one of them tugged on the cop’s pants to observe, so he decided to trust them. The cops rushed over and saw that it was leading them to a closed building. Then they heard a hissing sound and saw a python who was covered in pink slime from inside.

They backed away by six feet until a flashing light appeared. The rabbit detected that it was the felines themselves who were doing this. Suddenly, they sensed that the creature had weakened and desisted to oblivion. The seven figures then came out covered in ooze, walked over to them in the light and said that they used invisible power as a way to surprise attack. The rabbits jumped happily and one of them flipped in the air and everyone laughed.

The female cop brought out soft drinks from the car and food crumbs for the rabbits. They clinked their cups together to congratulate each other on a job well done. The male cop then admitted that these rabbits are really something for the community after all.

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