Wings of Rebellion, Part 3


Greg Despines

Editor’s Note: This is part of an ongoing story. To access other chapters, use the “Wings of Rebellion” tag at the bottom of the story, or click here.

After Sam and Diego completed their trial, they both became official members of W.O.R., joined Raphael’s squad and go under his tutelage and finally begin they’re training. Not before getting a tour of H.Q.

Raphael: Alright, boys. Welcome to our base of operations.

Diego: Ah, man! This is a nice crib.

Sam: It’s like the inside of those fancy apartments you see in movies.

Raphael: Oh, just you wait until see the rest of it.

For now, I think a celebration of your achievement is in order.

Sam, Diego, Raphael, Annie, and a few other of Raphael’s students who Sam and Diego met around the time they started they’re trial, (they’re names are Peter, Chase, Belle, and Susan) gather for dinner to celebrate Sam and Diego becoming hunters.

Diego: This steak is incredible. I’ve never had anything like it before.

Peter: Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

Chase: Hey, guys. I’m kind of curious, how did you guys meet Annie?

Sam: Well, that’s kind of a long story…

Annie: You should’ve seen him in seventh grade. He was the sweetest thing.

Sam: ANYWAY!… (Sam blushes from embarrassment and sighs) Yeah, it was seventh grade. And we took Algebra together and the rest is history.

Susan: Annie told us all about you guys. You’re a lot better in person.

Belle: You know, Sam, you’re real lucky to have Annie as your math tutor.

Sam: Believe me, I really am. If it weren’t for her, I would’ve ended up in summer school.

Chase: Now that sounds like a fate worse than death.

Peter: Anyway, let’s talk about business. We didn’t recruit you because Annie gave a good word for you both. It’s because we all see potential, and you both really need to pull your weight when you finally get in the field.

Diego: Hey, don’t worry. By the time we’re halfway done with training, your jaws are going to drop. Am I right?

Sam: Yeah, no sweat.

Raphael: You know, it’s getting pretty late. You two should probably head home.

Sam and Diego finish their meals and are escorted out of H.Q. and given a ride home.