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About WLMC

WLMC Landmark College Radio opens up the world of broadcasting to our students.

Winners of IBS Best Online College Radio (Under 10K Students) 2022 & 2023
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The program offers several semesters of radio courses including basic DJ training, sound production, radio programming, and leadership duties to help run the daily operations of the station. DJs are trained every semester and meet weekly to discuss how they are developing their own “broadcaster identity.” WLMC expects students to know F.C.C. Guidelines and many other “industry standard” skills of the trade. All DJs are expected to broadcast live for two hours per week and are asked to take a personal ownership role in our Landmark College community radio station.

Students can earn up to 10 credits in the radio course sequence with additional credits available for students who take on internship opportunities. BA-COMEL students can count credits for their Media Production requirement or the Multimodal & Storytelling Focus Area. Students should speak with their academic advisors to determine which courses are right for them as some courses may not apply to certain degree plans or Focus Areas.

Want to listen live? You can tune in at, on TuneIn, or on Radio Garden.

Contact WLMC

Office Phone: 802-387-7120 (Ext. 7120 on-campus)

Studio Line: 802-387-1657

General Email: [email protected]

Meet the WLMC Staff

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WLMC Landmark College Radio Courses:


COM1160 – Radio Training (1 Credit)

COM2160 – Radio Operations (1 Credit)

COM3075 – Radio Programming (3 Credits)

COM4160 – Radio Leadership (1 Credit)


COM1160 – Radio Training (1 Credit)

COM2065 – Radio Production (3 Credits)

COM3160 – Radio Broadcasting (1 Credit)

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About WLMC