Movie Review- Titanic 25th Anniversary


Daniel Molster, WLMC Station Manager, Operations Director, & LC Voices Advisory Board Member


Today I’m excited to present a short review of the classic film Titanic (1997). The film was recently re-released for its 25th Anniversary and re-mastered in 3D for the occasion. I had the pleasure of going to experience the re-release of this groundbreaking film just a few short days ago. For reference, I had never seen Titanic prior to this viewing, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. All I knew was that it was hailed as one of the greatest movies of all time and was produced by James Cameron, who is known now for his work on the Avatar franchise.

The film’s premise is a bit convoluted at the beginning. It starts with about a half hour of people searching for the elusive “Heart of the Ocean, ” a special diamond believed to have sunk with the Titanic. We then find Rose at home watching the television report of the people searching for the gem. She calls the gentleman running the expedition, who agrees to fly her out to the submarine they use to search the ocean floor. Rose is revealed to have been on the Titanic during its maiden voyage and the following horrific events. We are then taken into a flashback where the film remains for the majority of its two and a half hours runtime.

The film’s beautiful imagery, complex character arcs, and horrifically realistic effects bring the story of the Titanic’s voyage to life. There are many comical moments throughout the film, but they are often balanced with important plot elements or serious issues. The performances were also amazing, including the iconic “flying” scene on the boat deck. Much of the romance between the two leads (Rose and Jack, portrayed by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio) also elevates the emotion and feeling that makes for an epic love story, especially given the tragedy that happens during the historic story.

I walked into Titanic not knowing what to expect. I walked out with tears running down my face because of the emotional journey that happens and evolves, especially at the climax. One of the biggest takeaways I thought about after watching the film is to value your relationships and live every moment to the fullest. You don’t know if tomorrow is guaranteed, and that alone gives you a reason to treasure every moment you can and the people that mean the most to you. On a side note, you never know if you’ll encounter icebergs, so I’d watch out for those too. Experience Titanic’s 25th Anniversary in breathtaking 3D in theatres everywhere now. Just make sure to bring tissues.


Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in the new poster for ‘Titanic.’ / (Background) Christopher
Hopefitch/DigitalVision/Getty Images; (Poster) Paramount Picture