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Israel-Hamas War

Editors Note: This piece represents the views of the author. It is not an official statement from Landmark College or LCVoices.


The Israel Hamas war started October 7, 2023. Even though the conflict is only a few weeks old it has already claimed over 3,600 lives. While this specific conflict is new, the source of it goes back decades.

The Arab Israeli war was in 1948. Eight years later, Israel was back on the battlefield during the Suez Crisis. Since then, Israel has been surrounded by sworn foes who have tried to stir animosities.

Back when the Soviet Union existed, it allegedly sent out misinformation to Egypt that Israel was planning a full-scale invasion of Syria. Today, Iran is threatening open hostilities with Israel, saying that if Israel continues its assault on the Gaza Strip, they will enter on Hamas side. When other countries try to intervene in foreign conflicts, they sometimes make things worse.

In conclusion, this shows that history repeats itself. In my opinion, it is depressing that Iran, instead of trying to minimize the conflict, is deliberately conspiring to make tensions worse. I think countries should only meddle in foreign affairs as a last resort.

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    Margie SalvanteNov 2, 2023 at 12:07 pm

    Thank you for sharing this context. It is important to know the history behind these world changing events. Its a tragic story no matter what side you look at it from.