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This map shows the most photographed places in the world, which really gives insight into which parts of the world people like to photograph more than others. The yellow areas are the areas that are photographed more often, the purple areas are not photographed as much, and the grey areas are almost never photographed.

This map comes from this article here: to an external site., which also features some other maps. This map appears to be a statistical map, which shows differences in statistics between different areas. This map might be used to show which places are the most popular for photography, as places that are good for photography are going to be photographed more often.

I like this map because it shows that not all places on earth receive equal amounts of photography, and that some places offer better picture taking opportunities than others due to some places being more scenic or majestic in appearance, which can make for a better picture.

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Josh Hancock is currently a liberal studies major at Landmark College, and this is his second semester at Landmark. Josh likes to learn things by researching them online, and he also likes to try new things. He likes to contribute to things and help people out, so he likes helping contribute to LC Voices

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    Margie SalvanteDec 10, 2023 at 3:24 pm

    Wow – this map is really eye opening. I wonder how it overlaps with tourism, or population density. Thanks for sharing this unique perspective.