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A World Full of Stars

It is now noon time; the girls and Malaki have woken up from their long nap and are planning to be on the move again.

“Right now, we should go see the world of stars, it’s a place where various dreams are. You get to make a wish and even take a ride on them,” said Malakai.

“We should definitely take the train there,” said Minty, feeling joyful.

“Good idea,” said Jubileena, as Malakai made the picnic vanish and said, “piece of cake.”

They continued their journey in another part of the woods where they could see the train tracks from on top of the mound. Suddenly, the train appeared, and they realized that it was their chance to climb on. They quickly made it on the train okay and sat down in one of the coaches. The view outdoors looked beautiful. They could see the mountains and a little factory below them.

The train ride went on for a while until nightfall came. The gang was sleeping soundly together during the ride until they woke up to the sound of the cars shaking. Even Malakai, who was meditating in his sleep, assured them that they’re probably close by now. They continued to rest some more until the train came to a junction to point it in the right direction.

As the train kept riding along, a light appeared ahead, and the train started to shake once more while it increased speed. The gang woke up to this and knew what was coming next. Suddenly, a flash intensified, and they finally made it to Star World–a world filled with wildest dreams. The stars in Star World were dancing around, playing. One star flew straight towards the visitors and passed them. Soon the train came to a complete stop, and they hopped off. The gang traveled through the enchanted world which seemed like the heavens to them.

“I think it’s about time we choose our star to make our wish,” Malakai said.

The stars suddenly flew towards them, and each person tried to catch one until they finally got one! Then they made their wish. The felines’ wish is more to their personal values for their lives like good health, success, being rich or world peace, anything they want.

For Malakai, he wanted to have prestige for his newfound power and to maintain good relationships with his friends, but still bring peace to the world.

“Well, now that is all wrapped up, how about we take a little ride and see the universe?” Minty suggested.

“That’s a good idea, friend,” said Malakai, feeling approved. “When I count back to one, throw your stars in the air and sit on it, fast. Four, three, two, one lift!”

All of sudden, the star turned into a magic cushion to make it comfortable to ride on.

“Now hold on!” said Malakai and he snapped his fingers to make them go.

They took off at high speed. Once they got out, the speed dropped to a medium. The universe outdoors felt cool and clear with good air quality. Soon they came to the galactic lights and were wondering what might await them. The lights appeared to be welcoming, luring them to a wonderful place for discovering new life ahead.

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