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It’s the Wintery Season!

The first day of snowfall began. It is not a harsh snowfall but rather gentle. The girls looked out of the window, amazed. T’pring and Tig were also astonished by the scenery. The snow covered everywhere in the neighborhood like a beautiful winter wonderland! The girls went to get dressed for the outdoors and went to a clear place to play. The snow had stopped falling so they went sledding down the hill. They even had snowball fights and made snow angels together until their jackets were covered with snow. Next, they came to a pond of ice where they went ice-skating. They put on their magic skates and got on the pond to do a skating dance.

They twirled, did some jumps and spins and some fantastic leaps. T’pring and Tig also skated along with them. She held on to the child so that he wouldn’t fall while her friends were enjoying themselves. They tried drawing some designs with their skates like figure eights, hearts, or stars. The girls smiled at their drawings on the ice. T’pring got an idea and told her friends to draw themselves on the ice. The girls liked the idea and drew their figures on ice including the image of T’pring and Tig. “What do you guys say that we go home for a nice cup of cocoa?” Crumbelina asked. “Yeah, I’m feeling cold.” Nougetsia, in a shaky voice.

They went back to the house and took off their clothes. Changing into something more comfortable and huddling by the fire to keep warm. Citrusella made cups of cocoa for her friends and brought them over on a silver tray. She even put hot cocoa in a bottle for Tig and handed it to T’pring. As he drank the creamy liquid, he began to feel very sleepy. She gently did some soothing movements and watched him fall asleep peacefully. “Aww, look at that guy. Is he not cute?” Taffyta murmured, in her soft voice. The girls turned to watch the baby sleep. “I wonder what the little one is dreaming about,” Crumbelina giggled.

Jubileena went to light four candles in the living room. She then came to sit with T’pring and they both hugged closely together watching the baby sleeping. Nightfall came and the girls could see house lights from their distance. They watched people coming out of their houses to watch their children build snowmen while they laughed and talked. T’pring turned to her friend and said, “You know, this weather turns out to be pretty calming, don’t you think?” “Yes,” said Jubileena, watching her sisters as they looked out to where the neighbors were having fun. “Maybe we ought to have ourselves an adventure during this season, like going up to the mountains for a trip,” said Jubileena. “I like that too” T’pring smiled. She patted Jubileena’s hand as they watched the snow falling to the ground once more, while the neighbors enjoyed playing out in the snow.

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