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Wings of Rebellion Part 6

[The Party found Sam at a small ramen shop hiding under one of the windows; the distant noise that Sam was following was from an infamous gang called the Kobura gang. They’ve been wreaking havoc throughout Manhattan for years.  And right now,  Sam is plotting to stop them.]

Diego: Sam! What the hell are you doing here?

Annie: Yeah, we’ve been really worried about you.

Sam: (whispering) Shh, they’ll hear us.

Peter: (also whispering) What are you talking about?

[Sam gets up from his hiding place. He decides to tell them about the Kobura gang and what they’re doing, as well as what he’s planning.]

Peter: …So, you’re here to stop them. Is that it?

Sam: Yeah, I can’t just let them get shaken down by those punks.  We have to do something!

Peter: I understand that you want to help those people. (He pauses, then continues). But we can’t dwell in the affairs of others; we need to keep W. O. R unknown.

Sam: I can’t believe what I’m hearing! You’d rather keep the corps a secret than save those people.

Peter: It’s not like that, it’s that the corps can’t risk being known to the public and that’s why—(Sam cuts him off).

Sam: Save it! If you don’t want to do this then be my guest. I’ll go in alone.

Annie: If you think you’re fighting them alone, you’re insane.

Sam: (slowly) What?

Diego: Yeah man, if you’re going then I’m going.

Peter: (resignedly) I must be out of my mind, but I’m in too.

Diego: (eagerly) Alright, let’s take those scumbags down!

[And with that, the party has decided to stand up for the common good and face the Kobura gang. Will they prevail? Or will they meet their doom?]

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