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The Cynical Head Cheerleader

My hands shook nervously as I walked up to the stage. My parents and my boyfriend were staring at me. Julie, the girl I love, was staring at me. I took a shaky breath in trying to relax my nerves, but to no avail.

“I would like to thank everyone who voted for both me and Julie to split this incredible achievement. However, I feel like my entire life here has been a lie. When you look at me you see the popular, rich, head cheerleader, right? But did it ever occur to anyone that you guys don’t know anything about me?

“I mean it seems like I have everything right? A hot boyfriend. An amazing body, A life that others could only dream of as one of the one percent, right? But I would trade it all for a chance to live as myself; to love who I want to love instead of having to feel like my relationship is a dumbass facade. I know that you all do not truly know me. I mean, shit, you all probably think I’m some kind of mean girl.”

My parents looked so shocked, trying to motion for someone to grab the microphone from me but I was not done.

“I can’t keep living this lie, I can’t keep pretending that I’m someone I’m not. This never was and never will be a phase. I have known since junior year that I’m gay. I like girls… No! I love a girl who is on this stage and who I love is not a choice. My name is Sara Berry. I’m a lesbian and the girl I am utterly in love with is Julie Jenkins.

“Julie, from that night in junior year to being afraid for your fate the day the car crashed, I never stopped loving you. Marcus, I am so sorry, but I cannot be with you anymore. You’re an amazing guy and you deserve someone who will love you back. I know this was long and I’m sorry…”

Julie grabbed my jaw before I could finish, pulling me into the most loving kiss, “I love you too!”

So yeah, I got the girl of my dreams, and I could honestly not be happier. This is my story, not some weird rumor about murdering people for a title. I got the girl and I freed myself from a social prison.

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Meredith Hoover
Meet Meredith Hoover. She was born in Somers Point, New Jersey. She loves baking (yes, the kind that involves a Kitchen Aid mixer). She also loves writing stories and has been writing for a while now. She didn’t really notice she had a knack for it until she was 16 or 17, which is around the time she began to embrace it more. But baking, on the other hand, she had loved ever since the ripe old age of 8 because of her grandmother (who is deceased sadly; she died when Meredith was thirteen), and her great aunt (still alive and one of the most badass women in her family). She hopes to one day be an author and publish her ideas as books. Either that or own a bakery/restaurant/café; or both if given the option!

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