T’Pring’s Dream

TPrings Dream

Sophia Spraggins

The girls and baby Tig went to the library one day to grab some books to read. They read some chapter books for young adults such as themselves. Tig is young and does not know how to read, so T’pring read children books for him. She read him something like fairy tales or nursery rhymes. They even looked at some picture books. Nougetsia walked over saying that she and Tig are going upstairs to look around. She reluctantly said that she would wait for them here when they are ready. T’pring now has all the time by herself to read to herself on more picture books that she started to feel quite sleepy.

When T’pring woke up, she saw that the library indoors is light where she is and dark on the far end of the aisle. She decided to take measures of not being alone by defending herself. The sky is dark outside while T’pring went to the door and tried to get out, but the doors are locked! She then changed herself into a spirit so that she can escape, but a force bubble blocked her. T’pring then decided to check up on what’s in store on the upper floor. She was surprised to see that upstairs is covered with clouds and Disney books are piled on to the carts. It looks like a dream from up here, while downstairs felt cold yet silent when she transformed to her mortal self.

Then she heard a groaning sound and said, “Who’s there, show yourself!” She conjured up her own shot gun and walked slowly and carefully then got a bit of a surprise. She peered behind the small shelf and saw a young pig in gray and white, wearing red. T’pring asked him what he is doing here in her dream. He said his name is little Abel and that he’s trying to look for a place to hide from danger. T’pring then offered him to stay with her for protection. Little Abel then asked her to keep it down because a stoned gargoyle is in this building, sleeping! It’s located outside the room and on the top of the ramp which is why they couldn’t get out and that its loud snore could be heard from here.

T’pring whispered that it’s really intense then asked how this room can be turned to light. He told them that the only way to do it is to get rid of that gargoyle! “Just leave it to me” said T’pring, feeling confident. She told Abel to stay put while she quietly got up and changed to her immortal self again so that she could pass through the door. By the time she was mortal, the beast’s snore began to grow softer. She walked up closer to it until drool pooled out of his mouth which made her feel a bit disgusted. She got herself together, got out her loaded gun and shot it once up in the air which woke up the beast.

Then it started to chase her, feeling angered from his awakening, started to shoot fire at her by the eyes. Suddenly, it broke through the doors and saw Abel, sitting there, looking shocked by its looks. “Hurry Abel, get out of here now, I’ll take care of this!” So, Abel ran to the upper floor for where it is safe. The gargoyle was about to go after Abel, but she stopped him. Then it caught her with its arm, squeezing her very tight. It was about to eat her that she groaned in pain as she is about to come close to defeat! T’pring now has her only option which is to burn the insect down. She got out her bomb and light it then threw the bomb at the gargoyle and broke free from its grip to take cover.

Before she knew it, the bomb exploded, killing the gargoyle. Suddenly, the room began to change, the light is on and outside looks bright as day, including the invisible bubble. T’pring then went to find Abel who is still upstairs, went on the elevator and found him just in time. “Come on Abel, it’s time to go.” As the two head down, Abel pointed to the upper floor that the heavenly realm is gone and returned back to its regular state. They gladly went down to another room at ease. “You did it” said Abel happily, and the two of them laughed.

“T’pring, wake up.” A voice echoed as T’pring woke up from her dream. Nougetsia was there, shaking her friend to come back to this world. “I had the most intense but strange dream” she said. “Lord, I’m glad to hear it” Nougetsia said “you can tell us what happened once we leave.” And so, she told them about a friend named Abel who was in her dream and a dangerous insect that she encountered and how she stopped it. She said that she misses him as they walked, but she knows that they’ll meet again when he wants to be.