The Best of Friends

The Best of Friends

Sophia Spraggins

One day, the girls are going out for dinner with Myrtle and her family. T’pring is also going to take Clara out for some bowling. Snowanna said that Claire is having her day off form work and that she is staying with her father. “I think Tig could use a good babysitter while we’re gone” suggested Taffyta. So, she called for someone and a voice came on the phone. The voice said that her name is Lady Tremaine and that she is happy to come. “Just let me get my treat bowl and I’ll be on my way” she said. By the time, they heard a carriage coming from the parking lot. They had never seen one of those before, not even in this modern neighborhood. Then, they saw a woman coming out of the carriage. She has red and black hair, tied up in an old-fashioned bun. She is wearing a long, dark dress cloak with matching earrings and a necklace.

She is carrying cookies as a treat for Tig and greeted the ladies politely. “Is Tig around here in the house?” asked Tremaine. And then she saw Tig in the kitchen and walked over to pet him on the head with her bright pink nails. “He does look cute that I could just kiss him to death” said Tremaine, acting silly. The other laughed as Tig blushed. “Well that settles it, be a good boy there Tig and we’ll see you later tonight” said Jubileena. Tig waved as they got out and rode off. Lady Tremaine gently picked the little pig up and asked him what he wants to do. Tig asked if she would like to tell a story while he eats his snack. “I’ll make you some warm chocolate milk” said Tremaine. She sat him down on the couch and went to the kitchen to whip up some chocolate milk with whip cream. Tremaine put it in a cup and offered it to Tig.

“I even made you some tea cakes and thought that you might like them” said the old-fashioned lady. She asked if they could share the cakes and Tig agreed. Tig tried the cake and it was a sweet delicacy! “Now then, about that story you promise me” said Tig while he drank from his cup. Tremaine paused for a moment and put the treat bowl on the table. “How about if I tell you a beautiful, sad tale about two, young friends named Kendrix and Tien and how they found true love!” Tig was amazed by the idea, even though it is going to be an imaginary crossover.

So, Tremaine took a deep breath and began to tell the story. She told him that once upon a time, there was strong young man named Tien Shinhan, and he was out all-day training. He was having the time of his life until he heard someone making a battle cry. He peered over and saw someone in pink fighting off monsters. Thinking, that this stranger is in trouble, he went over to join in the fight. The pink stranger was surprised to see a grown man helping her. She was admired by his fighting skills and his powerful techniques like the Dodon ray. Before she realized, a monster was about to shoot blasts at him and told him to look out. Tien was shocked but quickly pulled out a Tri-Beam. The monsters have completely vanquished, and the area is safe at once. Tien then lowered himself towards the ground and the p

ink stranger went over and said that he did it and thanked him for his help.

Tien nodded and asked her who she is. Suddenly, the helmet disappeared and revealed a girl wearing glasses with long, blonde hair. Tien gasped as she looked into her lovely brown eyes. He had never seen anyone so beautiful and saw that she has a caring soul inside of her. “Kendrix Morgan” is what she said to him. And the man smiled and replied “Tien Shinhan.” They hold each other’s hand as they walked together when the moonlight came and sat underneath a tree. “Ohh, in love” sighed Tremaine. She continued as she told Tig that they talked about their own life story and realized that they both have something in common, sacrificing for the ones they protect and friendship. Then, they both shared a long, long kiss. “Ewwth” said Tig. “Right ewwth” said the young woman and chuckled.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and Tremaine rushed to the door and saw two little children named Kay and Gerda. “Pardon us miss, but we’re lost, and we need someplace to rest” said Kay. “Of course, children, you’re welcome here. You’re just in time for a story and we got tea cakes. I can even make you dearies some tea if you like.” The children cautiously entered the house and saw a young piglet on the couch and went to join him on the floor. The woman then brought two teacups on a tea tray. She even made tea for herself with two lumps of sugar and sipped it as she told the story. ‘The next day, Tien told Kendrix that he had to go away for a training mission. Kendrix felt sad that he had to leave but decided to make dinner for when he returns.’ She said that Tien liked the idea and said that he’ll send Chiaotzu over to keep her company.

Kendrix agreed as she stroked his face and kissed him on the cheek for good luck. Tien blushed and told her not to worry. He waved goodbye to her as he flew off and contacted his friend by using telepathy. Kendrix is doing research at home and was surprised to see a white doll boy come flying in. She greeted him a high-five and said that Tien is out doing business with training and plans to make some supper for him. Chiaotzu said that he wants to help too, since he knows he can cook. “But in the meantime, after I’m done doing scientific research, we can train together ourselves.”

In a little while, Kendrix finished her work and called Chiaotzu for sparring. They were having the time of their lives! Tien is going to be so proud of us, she thought. After their session, they went inside to make a delicious meal of fried rice and soup. As soon as the meal is done, Kendrix began to feel something strange in her heart. She could sense that someone is in danger. Then, she heard a scream of pain which sounded like Tien! She instantly changed into her Pink ranger uniform and told Chiaotzu that Tien needs help. They flew to the scene, and she was surprised to see him lying on the ground, wounded.

She landed her jet and came running to his side. He told Kendrix what had happened and warned her to be careful. Kendrix nodded but was horrified when she saw that the bugs have grown bigger and stronger! Without hesitation, Kendrix used her weapons to eliminate them by using her quasar saber and her trans dagger while Chiaotzu used his own powers. The last weapon she used is her quasar launcher. She fired it once, but there were too many of them! As the roaches were about this close to feast them, Tien steps in to save the day. “Yeah awesome” cheered Tig. “Thank goodness” exclaimed the children. The three heroes were relieved after using their full power to blast the flying insects. All of a sudden, Tien, who is tired from using his energy, collapsed. Kendrix ran and cradled him in her arms as her helmet magically vanished. She could see in his eyes that he is fading. ‘Goodbye, my friend’ he said with one final breath as he touched her face and died.

Kendrix hold him tight and cried for his loss. A couple of tears fell on his body and said, ‘I love you Tien, I always have, and I always will.’ Then she kissed him passionately on the third eye. A pink glow that shaped into a rose encircled the lifeless Tien and began to heal him. Just then, Tien’s eyes began to open. ‘Chiaotzu, Kendrix, is that you?’ he said weakly. They were overjoyed to see him alive in full strength. The two shared their embrace and Tien said, ‘Let’s go home.’ Moments later, Kendrix has surprise for Tien. She is carrying a bundle for him to hold. Tien opened the blanket and was amazed to see a little newborn baby. She looked so gorgeous that they named her Kestra.

Tien’s heart filled with joy as he touched and hugged her gently. Kendrix smiled as she sat next to him to gaze at the child, knowing that love always shines through. As Lady Tremaine finished her story, she saw that the children are sleeping. Guess they’re pretty tired, the woman thought. Then she heard the care coming, the ladies are back. As they opened the door, Tremaine told them not to wake them up. They came in quietly and smiled as Taffyta put a blanket over the three children and said goodnight.