The Song of Chakra

The Song of Chakra

Sophia Spraggins

The gang are now making a journey to see the Chakras. “They are ancient symbols from Hinduism culture which focuses on spirit power in the human body and have healing music that are in key” said Promethius. “That kind of sound very mystical” Citrusella agreed. “That’s why we’re going to the mountain to watch them sing.” Promethius also said that they ought to get there before sunset. That could be also the reason why the girls picked that special location. While they were traveling, they faced many dangers on the mountains like icy arrows, and avalanches. The fight was hard because of the harsh weather and heavy wind that they’re in, made it more difficult for the felines to handle. Tig on the other hand is getting cold and feeling a bit unhappy about the situation while T’pring tried to comfort him.

Just then, a beam of light appeared. They turned around and saw an old man, holding a torch in his hand to help fight off the monsters. Soon enough, the monsters are gone, and the ladies are still feeling very cold. “Follow me, I know where we can go” he said firmly. He escorted them to some ancient village on the mountain top. Minty put up her hand above her eyes so that she could see. “A warm village, we’re saved.” And so, the gang ran up to a town of Matos and the old man treated them as if they’re his guests. Jubileena told him that they came to watch the Chakras perform and sing. He told her that they have come to the right place and says that he’ll take them there. The old man escorted them a bit further away from town.

Soon they came to a spot where they could see black trees from below and no stars. “Wait and see what happens next” he said. The sky began to turn pitch black and the wind began to brew in a little. Then they heard the most harmonious sound. They looked up and saw seven chakras coming together, lightening up the mountains with their aura. Each of the chakras played a little song as they spun around. They lined themselves in rainbow order afterward then encouraged the felines to meditate along with them.

They sat down and began to position into meditative form. The auras then flowed into their bodies and in their minds, taking control of them so that they have the power of the spirit. The aura also sensed goodness in their souls and the memories they had and more, like they’re having a foreign ritual. After that, they’re feeling totally calm yet alive as the aura left their bodies. “Are you feeling alright?” asked T’pring. “Never been better” said Jubileena.