Silly Hope

Martha Meigs

She loves to be in places that I feel she doesn’t belong.

When she is on my bed, there is often the worry that she will eat my bed,

or dig a hole in my sheets

On my desk what important paper will become her next victim

Jump up on the microwave to investigate the fruit stash

In the fridge she sees all the options that taste so good.

Sculpt my boxes

Steal your receipts for snack time

If you take her for a walk, she may get her nose muddy

She will be affectionately grooming your winter hat so you cannot wear it

Curiosity will lead her to jump on the compost bucket

Impatience will cause her to become a jar head to get the last of the treats

She believes that any fruit left any where she can reach is hers to snack

And just because you got on your bed and stopped petting her, she’ll jump up and go find you

If you’re moving quickly around her while she’s in the way,

She might put herself away like a cube on your bookshelf

Jumping out of your arms if she mis judges her landing could be the trash can