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Give The Sun (Abridged)

All of my virtues are love because I experience virtues as expressions of commitment to love. An era of time is in unity with everything like time is unified with everything. An era is the context for everything. I want to engage with individual people with a perspective of universal love, all of the meanings of love present in my care. Try to find an experience of inner peace that allows you to give people equal love when you’re not responding to specific problems or blessings. I write because I love everyone, and I will never let go, not for a second. Everybody is my precious world.

You may subconsciously understand how to act according to your ideals. But because of beliefs you have about yourself and your place in social hierarchies, you may not allow yourself to integrate your abilities to act as skillfully as possible to align with your ideals. Subjectivity is what clouds and distracts the motivation and meaning of accomplishing goals. You can have new experiences, similarly to how people can have new positive experiences because they fall in love.

Guess that life is worship of our values, and with passion worship is devotional. But with only need, worship is like homelessness. Seek depth and meaning in everything that you do, not necessarily seeking quality externally, but seeking different experiences and understandings.

God blessed us with perfection: we are alive, with the values of positive meaning within us. God gave us perfection: we are capable of thriving. It is our privilege and our duty to be able to fulfill a responsibility to God to destroy evil and manifest peace, love, and righteousness. God has blessed us with faith: the perfection of nature (our nature and the nature we belong within) teaches us that we are protected and encouraged to be the best that we can be. The perfection of evolution is proof that God was involved in every step. Our Creator made us all beautiful.

Culture is meant to elevate humanity; through culture we learn from one another. When we learn from each other our minds are being created. By honoring how everyone is sacred, we honor the continuous process of Creation. We are sacred because we reflect God’s grace, even if just through the grace of the peace we have with our ideals. We are sacred for other reasons as well, and when we love each other and ourselves we can experience what it means to interact with the sacred. It means that we are blessed by the sacred, each interaction has value. We were created to represent Divine Love through the very meaning of divine love. Therefore, we were created to be absolutely sacred. We are each as valuable as the meaning of sacredness. We are absolutely sacred because we have divine purpose. You should always be treated with due reverence because you are sacred.

It is everyone’s divine purpose to be peaceful. Life has purpose, and purpose through us. There’s no way to take purpose away from life, being alive itself makes life important and therefore life has many meanings already. Love is the greatest purpose, by making a life precious we make life precious. Love is inherently necessary because we are people, not toys. We can’t be only used. We have to believe that our lives have purpose in order to not experience being totally used. Love’s purpose gives people the purpose of living, one is loved as they live. Without purpose, we have no dignity, we are slaves to what’s demanded of us. When we are used, we are dehumanized. We are not treated as the people whose lives are meaningful. Divine purpose is not more beautiful than life itself having divine purpose.

The divine journey gives divine purpose. All of our actions can be purposeful and we can embody the values of purpose. We have to manifest our divine journeys, we give living meaning by being ourselves. As we explore, we make choices for ourselves, seeking the glory of God, but not necessarily always understanding what is God’s pure divine love and what is demonic temptation.

While God’s glory is present, so should be our devotion and commitment. Every aspect of life is connected to the divine, the presence of the divine should always cause a relationship of divine purpose for the divine. Allow yourself to align with God’s love through worship, God’s love is always present, allow yourself to worship God’s glory in any form.

God loves you. All your qualities are qualities of the truth. Your truth cannot be dismissed. Your truth is the truth. Your truth is the truth that you have faith in. You can be forgiven for believing in the truth. God forgives you for having faith in what has power over you. Expand your truth to mean that YOU are free from evil. God blesses everyone, just like God purifies the whole truth. God loves you unconditionally.

We are spiritual because we are blessed. We are sacred because we are blessed. Good is peace. God’s Good is peace. We are good and we are Children of God. Love is a gift. The glory of God is more than divine purpose. The glory of God is peace. We can experience the glory of God through peace. Peace is unity. Peaceful thoughts are not only reverent. Peace is unity. We gain the strength of those we have peace with as we join with them. The consciousness of God is God’s glory, the being that gives life peacefully. It is peaceful to be created, God’s glory belongs in the creation, and therefore we can experience God’s glory by allowing ourselves the peace of being birthed as we are, alive because of God’s consciousness. We carry God’s blessings by having children of our own, and therefore embodying God’s glory. We are God’s peace, and we are also the messengers of God’s peace. We are God’s peace, and we are also the messengers of God’s peace. The peace that we are blessed with in our lives by the divine plan is God’s peace.

Synchronicities are proof that we are guided, that we are not left to a random journey. Synchronicities are in alignment with the rest of Creation. They require perfect planning in order to be in alignment. It seems to me that if anything was planned in order to be presented, that everything was planned because there are so many factors that would be required, and because the event has to fit into all of the factors of the universe. If anything is planned, that means that everything is planned, because all events have to be in alignment with one another in order for them to be expected. The plan for one event has to be a greater plan, because all events are unified with the context of those events. Once you’ve observed enough “coincidences” yourself, you’re no longer limited to the natural world. I hope that you experience a degree of trust that you are never dominated by demonic force, that God always has power, that we were created because of love, like being born. You can realize that because there is a divine plan, everything you do is important and special. Although you belong to the laws of the universe, you are an entity. On my 19th birthday, I said on Instagram, “I’m exactly who I’m meant to be right now.”

Life is God’s art. Creation is the result of God’s triumph over evil. God succeeds to create peace, love, and divinity through the control of the divine plan. God is already in control, and the divine plan proves that God is in control because their creations are perfect enough. God has already triumphed against evil because God has already planned their triumph which is perfectly under control. God has not defeated the demonic forces, but God still has control through creating. God has already triumphed against evil because God has already planned their triumph which is perfectly under control. We each have roles in the divine plan because of God’s love for us. We each tell a story that ultimately teaches us about humanity. God has constructed the divine plan as their way to conquer evil. We each are instruments in God’s battle against evil. God’s plan has led us this far in God’s Creation. We are so close to enlightenment and therefore so close to God’s pure love. When we are unified with God’s pure love, evil will no longer have power over us and will therefore be destroyed. What is destroyed is evil’s obvious, living, and subsistent meaning. The demonic forces are dependent upon their power of living. God’s Creation is not only God’s story, but God’s power lives in God’s Creation, allowing this to be God’s battle against evil. The reason that God created beings is because God was sure that by making the ultimate sacrifice of allowing beings to suffer and die, they were ultimately triumphing over evil. The demonic forces don’t have the power to create. Only God had the power to create, and through Creation destroy the meaning of evil. Humanity as a whole is always safe enough, humanity as a whole is cared for. Through devotion to God’s pure divine love, Earth will become heaven.

I try to live for God. I believe that God created this physical realm through divine plan, with the influence of demonic powers. God’s love is undiminished by limitations. There is a divine plan, we are meant to feel love. We were created so exquisitely, it can only be explained by divine care. We are infinitely precious to God. Respect each other as belonging to God. Devote yourself to God’s love. God loves us and therefore we should love each other as God’s children. As God’s children, we should be loved as God would have us be loved. Appreciation is a purpose, and we can define ourselves by the higher power that gives us life as the people who live it with higher divine purpose and therefore divine meaning. God is listening. We can take responsibility for God’s experience. God loves us unconditionally, but God cares what happens. Respect God’s wishes for good. Surrender to God.

I believe that spirituality is manifest through Creation, rather than from Creation. To me, spirituality is realizing the gifts of spirituality as part of our nature. I believe that God would save us if we were connected to God. I see that the forces of evil and the power of good work against each other, I believe that God is loving and glorious, and that sin is chaotic and destructive. So, I don’t believe in an omnipotent God. I believe in a God that blessed me with grace. Meditate by repeating “God loves me. I love you, God.” Have faith that God had the power to manifest Their own pure love when They created us capable of it. I believe that only God could create us, only God could tell the story of Creation, but while enduring the power of demonic forces. Be faithful to God by striving to manifest Their love, allowing them to express themselves through their Creation.

Listen carefully and respectfully, love everybody.

Learning to love unconditionally can liberate you from self-judgment and self-abasement. God offers us liberation in the form of unconditional love. Unconditional love is freedom, freedom from all of the evils that limit love, that claim our psyche, and that possess our ability to love. Unconditional love is freedom from all evil that claims our belief system. When we love unconditionally, love conquers all. Our goal can be to realize the power of that love. If nothing else is right, unconditional love can be.

Being unconditionally loved is freedom from everything that we’ve done wrong. Don’t judge people based upon how being alive has affected them; believe that they could be pure if they had not been traumatized. Everyone is worthy of love. You can love everyone by loving unconditionally. Unconditional love can manifest as devotion. Everyone is sacred, and so unconditional love can be devotion to the sacred. In order to fully dedicate ourselves to God’s love, we must love unconditionally.

Unconditional love aligns us with God’s will. We can live in alignment with God’s divine purpose. By learning from God, we are loyal to God’s will. God’s presence teaches us that we can be grateful for all positivity, which stems from them, wherever that positivity may be born from. Being grateful can allow us to be open to all the positivity born. God’s presence is the presence of God’s love, God’s love teaches us to be guided by what we’re grateful for because that presence is them. Whatever vessel for God’s love may be, God’s love is present for us to be inspired by.

Unconditional love can allow us to be connected to the rest of humanity in a healthy way, through peace. Unconditional love guides us to making peace with everything that is; by teaching us that peace can always have power internally.

Being judgmental can be defined as a kind of paranoia, because people really believe that others are somehow bad or toxic, after jumping to conclusions.

How does it feel to see yourself as similar to people you know?

Give positivity instead of accepting negativity, which is problem-solving. Always stand up for people.

I hope that you can experience cooperation and peace as love, as well as see that other people are capable of giving so much love through cooperation and peace. Spontaneity, diversity, division, and peace can coexist. Listen to people carefully, try to understand people, through understanding you can respond peacefully.

Trauma responses aren’t only the reactions directly after experiences of trauma. Trauma responses are the consequences of trauma, and I believe that negative emotions are trauma responses. Healing trauma responses means transcending the world. Sins are in the world causing trauma, but you are peace, you are love, you are dignity.

Identity doesn’t need to cause an experience of separation from life and other people. We can experience unity of meaning.

Outward focus is an objectively involved active choice. By choosing, we focus. The peace in our world is dependent upon the peace in our world, knowing this is a way to have an outward focus.

Treat the world like a person. How would you respond if a person did what the world does? How would you protest? Imagine that what happens to the world isn’t the world’s fault. How would you help them?

Would you consent to the way that you feel about people? What reaction to people would you consciously choose?

Positive emotions can free us from negative emotions. If you’re experiencing appreciation and gratitude, you may be freed even from how you mentally express flippant disapproval and self-abasement.

Problems cause problems. Not only do problems waste time however they manifest, and solutions require precious energy, but the values of problems breed with each other. On Earth, there are always positive factors involved, and we can always find beauty.

Through surrender to God’s love, our dedication to the blessings of compassion, devotion, generosity, gratitude, and respect can cause reverence for the people those blessings are present in, causing them to represent God to us, which I believe is what God intended.

It’s brave to surrender (submission) and it is brave to trust yourself (dominance).

All somebody would need is a sculpture of you to believe that you are truly worthy of admiration. Life is like a movie. We can celebrate life like how people choose any movie as their fun activity.

I forgive everyone. I want to act respectful of everyone. Imagine that everyone would be treated respectfully at dinner.

Everything we do is deep, and so we must have deep integrity. Why would people think a special specific frequency is more profound than a special hormone? The hormones of love are pure love. We experience pure love. Our ancestors developed the biology to synthesize these hormones with the meaning of love. What would it be like to try to be loyal to the experience gifted to you by the experiences of others? We don’t have to be more complicated than kindness and consideration. Neurological context can allow us to understand that our experiences can be outwardly focused through our experiences of our divine journey, by understanding the process of internalizing life. We internalize purpose through passionate understanding of our objective surrender to those experiences through internal dedication. Purpose is the receiving of desires that come from a deep love for life. Desires are reflections of who we are. By feeling and experiencing giving more, we can create more fulfilling actions (including verbal communications), and we can create more abundance because generosity neurologically can correspond with abundance. You may ruminate on what a person is, but, if you knew them really well would you love them? They experience meaning. Love is one of the things that you do, and one of the reasons you can say “I do.”

Virtue is always meaningful. Imagine that there is only one virtue present in a worldly situation represented as an angel, and that it is so special to you to know that they are there.

We are absolutely sacred, like eye contact is always meaningful and sacred. Love everybody, like making eye contact with each of them. Please don’t treat them like they are outside. They are inside. Instead of trying to reach them externally, try to reach them internally.

People sought empowerment despite the damage done to our history, they did not succumb to the shame of our history. I blame our cruelest ancestors for the flaws that cause humanity’s problems, because the damage they did had the most horrible consequences that affected other people, therefore causing cycles. Some people are having connected or similar experiences of the effects of generational trauma. Trauma develops in phases as people have correlating experiences.

Our experiences are dependent upon our instincts, and it seems like oppression causes repression.

Healing is transcendence, but only the truth can allow us to live life fully. Simply understand not to permit life to hurt you as a way to protect yourself. God bless you. By believing that we should not be punished we can be free even in pain from learning what trauma tells us.

Hatefulness is dehumanizing through insult and infantilization. Hatred belittles. Through insult, people are defined by whatever problem someone has with them.

Judgment is mentally and subjectively destructive. Addressing problems is down-to-earth. Judgment is dependency and submission to the destructive nature of problems. Requirements are dominant and allow us dedication to our values. Judgment is a temptation to become narcissistic, punishing, manipulative, and dehumanizing. Society is not arranged for unconditional love. People are always separate based upon qualities that don’t define them, while actually their values define them.

The way that we’re conditioned to carry ourselves does not define us. Don’t judge anyone by their voice, their posture, the way they dance or sing, the way they dress, and don’t judge them by how the world treats them. Notice how people express their values, don’t judge them based upon how they carry themselves.

If you believe people should learn something, that it may be important for their life or maturation, please make that information available. You don’t have to share your story. You can teach people what you’ve learned. We can be efficient when we’re presenting information, and we can intentionally explain to people our stories instead of presenting them as they were, as if what happened was perfect or as if life lessons seem to be obvious to people. Using adjectives and defining, when possible, may allow emotional processing and recognition that wouldn’t be facilitated otherwise. Maybe in order to heal, you have to be relaxed enough. I’ve experienced more intense emotional processing while I’ve been able to relax a little.

Empathy is transcendence, because as individuals we believe in love to liberate ourselves from the anti-loving direction and complacency of others. We care independently and therefore make our own path, rising above the influence of abusers who changed people by dominating their consciousness.

I really passionately believe that people should be cared for and that pain is wrong. Your suffering is meaningful to me. Maybe the reason lots of us are so emotionally numb is because at a very young age our emotional pain was undermined when we were children and we stopped feeling connected to other people through our emotions: through intimate communication. Pain is communication like a metaphor. Pain is not the solution, because it’s a metaphor and a catalyst. The solutions are communication, healing, and transformation. You don’t need to prove anything with your pain or by experiencing more pain, it’s not proof because it’s a metaphor. Pain can be as complicated as the meaning it represents but is not a solution.

We constantly need catalysts. Give yourself objectives instead of desires.


You need the context in order to understand in order to respond to each important aspect of an event.

People are victim to demonic powers that are greater than themselves, that have instilled themselves in human fragility. The greater story of the world is not just about us, it is also about the spiritual laws that govern us.

Life is a journey, although not a journey to a battle or to a location that is supposedly superior, but a journey through others’ lives. All our actions have consequences on other people. All our thoughts have consequences on our actions, and there are consequences to the consequences of our actions. Unity is manifest through interconnection. We share what we give to people. There is constant opportunity to give more and therefore to give more to ourselves, to be more in our own lives as we grant others’ abundance through the experiences we allow them to have with us. You belong here. You belong here with other people. You are always connected and part of society, but your life is yours. Acting responsibly is more than independence and accountability.

The intellect is meant to be celebrated as an embodiment of the beauty of love, the way that people have purpose because of love. When one really loves another, they are not only unified by that love through care, but love also gives life inherent meaning and therefore the consciousness of an individual inherent meaning.

Shallow ideas should not have authority because they are not truly powerful.

Peace is an experience, as well as an ideal, because peace is not a hierarchy. Any goal is a representation of peace to a person experiencing specific need.

Loyalty is honor. Honor is reverence. You can only be like a real family with pride.

Your trust, your trust, your trust, your trust, your trust, your love.

Your negativity is an illusion. Your truth is the reason you fight. Anger causes division. We must be unified by our shared purpose for God.

Making compromises is respectful, it means that you want other people to express themselves. You can prove to someone that their beliefs in what they need are important to you, and that you want to help them to feel fulfilled.

Hope can allow you to understand peace, because hope teaches you that the future can have peace with you. Always try to have hope that you can have peace with other people.

Adoration can stem from empathy, because empathy can mean you’re responsive to their needs for love, and because empathizing can mean experiencing that they’re worthy of love.

Transparency is inviting. Transparency is welcoming.

We have to appreciate the victim in order to see that they are what is beautiful about the situation. I’m proud of you. I have faith that your healing journey can be apparent. Building resilience through dedication can be not only sufficient, but allow for emotional transcendence, and the ability to respond with moral dedication to bad situations.

Optimism is not necessarily affirmation. Optimism can be the belief that we are capable of accomplishing goals. Optimism can be the belief that we can progress. Optimism should be seen as inspiring. It is belief in possibility and opportunity.

You can think about positive experiences more positively in order to respond more positively. All positive experiences are passionate. Passion is purposeful, desire is wishful. Passion is the expression of dedication to values, whatever those values may be.

Without intimacy, we bond through pack-mentality.

If our lives belong to us, so does the system (that we have power inside of) that determines our lives. Democracy in business would allow humanity justice. Democracy in business would allow people to make decisions that don’t disenfranchise them, like common business decisions that have been normalized. Greed should not be a factor in business. The distribution of power is disrespectful. The distribution of money causes trauma that cripples the general population’s ability to be their authentic selves. People are only as positive as their whole experience is. The people in control of the world control the people who are affected by it. Professional relationships might be the most life-changing in your life, and friendships might be the most sustaining.

Our external lives have power over us, negative aspects have authority. We may respond to authority obediently.

If you have enough material wealth and believe you have enough because you accept the philosophy of minimalism, then it might not feel like you are experiencing a loss when you give. If you need to always keep more, you believe that you’re in need, and as if something is being taken from you unwillingly because you have to give. When wealth is hoarded it means people rob the system of the meaning of the wealth which is value. Money does not add value to the people who hoard it, therefore money ceases to serve its purpose of representing trade. When money is taken out of the cycle of trade, this causes the value of money to go down. Without more wealth in the middle and lower classes, they have to buy lower quality. Higher quality is less likely to even exist without as much interest in producing it. If there’s more wealth in the middle and lower classes, then there will be more funding for higher quality productions that should be produced in bulk because of the demands of production.

Surrender to your love. Surrender is commitment. Loyalty is commitment.

Every individual being (react to how I’m referencing all individual people) is worthy of the best possible scenario for them personally.

We can feel good about making sacrifices, we don’t have to feel negative emotions.

Embodying gratitude is the greatest generosity. Through gratitude, we can reward Creation for God’s grace.

I choose to think about the story of the Garden of Eden representing a lesson: that human beings have corrupted Earth. It was meant to be a heaven world and it is our responsibility to work to restore harmony. It’s all my blood to me now. My body is the container for all the destruction that wars against my nature. Humanity has betrayed the Garden. This is the Garden of Eden. We need not be ashamed of our naked bodies, especially in front of our spouses, but we should be ashamed that humanity hasn’t thanked God properly for the meaning of Earth’s nature. In the Garden of Eden, each plant has meaning. Our lack of gratitude is the great tragedy, and the reason God taught us the story about the perfectly abundant Garden. The relationship of people without a reverence for spirituality is a relationship with God that is not one of gratitude, but one of possession, like how we’ve possessed nature. We possess the fruits of God’s Creation, even if we are not grateful for it. Our nature is corrupted, just like nature has been stolen. Many possess the grace of God for their own benefit, or for goals that are not true to God’s grace, possessing the fruits of God’s own being without being faithful to God. If Adam and Eve believed that they possessed all the fruits in the garden, they might eat all the fruits including the apple. Any belief is an experience of ego if that divides oneself from the truth by personal agenda, causing the purpose of being human to seem selfish, even if those wishes would not be selfish in other circumstances. The Garden teaches that beings have purpose as they have manifestation, the purpose of fruit trees is to be nurturing through the manifestation of fruit. Human beings are meant to have purpose, and purpose can be represented by the manifestations that purpose serves, like a tree represented by its fruit. The Garden of Eden is the embodiment of God’s care, and therefore Adam and Eve could learn that they are meant to manifest their humanity through connection to God’s love.

Negativity is an illusion. The truth is how both destruction and creation need us. The fruit of the Garden of Eden gives life. They have meaning because of who they nourish. They have a life like how the apple gave meaning to life. We are connected and involved. Negativity gives people purpose; their truth is their value. Negativity is an illusion; the truth is that what has power over us uses who we are. The truth is that for negativity to exist, there needs to be positive enforcement. The same positivity that makes us who we are, whether we exist in a positive or negative state, that can be present when negativity is removed. The power that negativity has over us is dependent upon our positivity. Without power over you, negativity cannot have meaning like the reasons for positivity can. Negativity can’t have meaning in your life if it doesn’t belong. Negativity doesn’t belong in your life if unconditional love takes its place as a motivator for change. Surrender to the aspects that are the grace of the people you love. Let your love, your peace, your faith, and your freedom grow stronger for the sake of your good will.

Negativity teaches us that in order to have an illusion of grandeur, we must be possessed by it. Negativity claims our power, but we are powerful on our own. The path of illusion is the path where we are not true to our power, which can tell us that our most powerful ideals are the ones that are most beautiful. We do not owe our energy to the power that negativity has over us. Our truth is that we depict human grace, the state of being blessed, as the glory of achievement. Negativity teaches us that we can only achieve by being possessed by an illusion of grandeur. But, instead of achieving glory, negativity defines an illusion of grandeur, by defining what is superior by what trumps the individual’s concept of humanity. We must take the freedom to embrace our humanity, to repossess ourselves. We must take the freedom to be glorious ourselves, through the greatest experience of our humanity: peace. Peace is the greatest human triumph of true glory.

Negativity teaches us that in order to learn from it, we must surrender to it. Negativity makes the rules, possessing us. When we experience evil, we are submissive to those rules. Negativity possesses us, and our surrender to evil is as victims, not as instigators. In order to detach from evil, one must not be seduced by the power of evil to possess. One must believe in freedom.

Let unconditional love perform every act of care for you as a ceremonial ritual, like in a holy temple.

When human beings express needs, responding is a form of care. At least communicate to people that they are important enough to you. Tenderness is a form of care and is not really a vocal style. Tenderness is a way to constantly embody compassion, tenderness is generous.

“Countries that combine free markets with more taxation, social spending, and regulation than the United States (such as Canada, New Zealand, and Western Europe) turn out to be not grim dystopias but rather pleasant places to live, and they trounce the United States in every measure of human flourishing, including crime, life expectancy, infant mortality, education and happiness.” (Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker.)

Injustice teaches us that power has rights, rather than that there are rights to power. Injustice has power over people and decides the rules. Within democracy, power is a right of those who have the best interests of their population in mind. Those who would do the best with power have a right to power.

Reasons are powerful, and by encouraging them, we can empower people and therefore those reasons that are actively inside of people.

By appreciating that people have potential, you can invite progress. People are more than their emotions. They can transcend negative emotions, freeing themselves from enslavement. People are complex. When we have negative experiences, we either dominate the values of the negativity happening, or submit to those values. When we can dominate, we free ourselves from having to serve the purpose of the negativity. When we submit, we’re either actively enforcing negativity or we’re surrendering to it for guidance. Our motives for changing in response to negativity must be transcendent, or else we will live for that negativity.We learn through experiences and emotions, and because of oppression and desperation. The motives for our experiences must be explicitly positive, or else all experiences are subjective because the motives could be negative or positive.

The polar opposite of going to war to solve problems is healing. It is not the important idea to think about going back in time, the important idea to have now is that it could have been different. You could possibly be involved successfully in the best-case scenarios for you. Collaboration is more powerful than war, and war is absurd (and insulting to everybody) because it’s not a direct interaction with whatever problem you want to be solved nor how the problem can actually be solved. It’s an unproductive means to a productive end. The objective of war is to terrorize people into submission, but is not only irresponsible because it disregards the actual value of human life but also disrespects people that have power and influence even important to those creating war. Dominance is responsibility. We must march in protest, instead of dying to escape like these soldiers. Committing is choosing, only choose God’s love, which is manifest. This is an opportunity to value human life more than before, people used to expect that people could die young, and average life expectancy in general used to be much shorter. Now, we can value people’s entire lives, and that every moment they can have is deserved and precious.

I believe that we need hope that can be born from solidarity and organization. Even if a leader makes all the rules, submission is as democratic as it is voluntary. Your life is yours; you should be able to consent to all aspects of your life. To strengthen democracy, we should try to heal people in order to encourage self-love. If people generally try to care for themselves as best they can then they will consequently make decisions to take care of people similar to them as best they can.

Look inside yourself. You know your moons and suns are there, that they are beautiful and, in another time, you would just worship those wild angels inside yourself. When seeking internal consent from your conscience, try to find appreciative compliments for what you’re going to be involved in. We can even compliment problems.

I dance wildly, with internal decorum. I usually dance in the dark, but I’ve heard on separate occasions that I’m very graceful. I especially like jumping while spinning. I do it in different, complex ways.

In order to honor ourselves, we have to honor everything that truly gives us life. All positivity, that serves us rather than takes from us. Find positive aspects to honor even when you’re surrendered to evil, evil is only possessing you.

Love can teach us that when we serve for the meaning of the highest good, we’re acting in reverence of that meaning that’s present in our partners, like the highest good that can always be present in every part of our lives.

Unity means peace, and peace is powerful.

Any desire can be fulfilled by peace, because peace can have power over any desire. Peace can make harmony with all our desires, because peace is in service to us. Peace is power, peace is in service of our power to be peaceful. The passion of your desires is peace, and therefore can be brought out by the empowerment of peace in service of peace. Passion is peace because passion is service to values. When our service is peaceful, we’re empowered by harmony.

You can change your accent (vocal style) as quickly as you can create an entire imitation (for example, a French accent) and with the knowledge that you developed a vocal style socially through mirroring. You may be able to improve your singing as well.

People are objectified but don’t experience being sexualized.

People act really hateful, and their aggression is serious even in situations people would normally guess are casual. Our society is recovering from sadistic normalities, like sexism and racism. We’re on a journey together to find the best ways to treat people.

Sexual intercourse is the experience of unity through pleasure, not because of pleasure, but because of understanding. During sex one can surrender their body, and therefore when one is absorbed in the sexual act one can surrender oneself. One can surrender oneself absorbed in worship, as well. Experiencing surrender is experiencing dedication.

Commitment allows people to focus on loving. The body represents the person individually and must be adored as a testimony to the power of love to appreciate everything that the partner can give. All of love can be gifted through sex because pleasure is a reward for love. Sex is a way to give, and it doesn’t have to be thought about with any selfish definition, because you can have purpose. In an encouraging personal, monogamous relationship, you can be in your own world because to you the world belongs to them, and to them the world belongs to you.

Empowerment liberates your will. You are allowed to take power over situations and therefore have choices to make.

The understanding of intentions is an understanding of the meaning of actions, and therefore interactions of meaning about what actions (which are embodiments) would mean for their humanity of dedication.

It may seem like chaos gives us strength, but it is actually our strength which strengthens us in times of need.

Maybe the absolute meaning is that God is love and love is a gift and that is why we are here with the opportunity to learn, and so the purpose of that meaning is that we can be told that they are giving gifts, which is the absolute meaning manifest. You were born to be loved for everything that you do and that is why we are on the divine path, so that we can understand that we are loved because we can be so beautiful like bliss, but even more than bliss.

There can always be somebody meditating on the altar, and people will look at them with unconditional love and authentic admiration while they experience the glory of God. Maybe just for a moment, while they have time to become absorbed.

When we live in order to serve God, we are motivated by dedication to love, not by desire, and are freed to serve by manifestation instead of being satisfied by it.

The night sky represents liberation from emotional manipulation from socializing if we can have awe experiences of faith. By being allowed to have awe experiences of faith, we are freed from having experiences tied to our social impulses.

Discernment is a state of self-control because discernment is always intentional.

Let’s set a good example, and let’s tell our descendants that humans are truly good enough and that our ancestors evolved to be good enough, even when life is tedious or hard.

I don’t believe in an omnipotent God, so I want to dedicate my life to manifesting God’s love. You have the power to; you have always had the power to. You are worthy of God’s pure love.


Destruction, chaos, rivalry, and other losses can be constantly traumatizing, creating different problems in different situations, but also giving life negative meaning in all situations, which people listen to and which informs their decisions.

Entropy is chaos in any energy-harvesting SYSTEM. All manifestation is the harvest of energy. Is your contribution worth the maintained and creatively manifest peace and care that you take?  Although energy cannot be created or destroyed, the energy required for fixing your mistakes may be more demanding than the energy it took you to accidentally rob us.

Love is heroic because love encompasses heroism. Love is heroic because love is nurturing, even if the effects aren’t obvious, sometimes the most obvious effect is a shift in the recipient’s worldview.

I struggle with swayback, as well as other ways of slouching, and if my mood becomes positive in a way that seems to be empowering, my posture naturally corrects itself.

I’ve experienced stress inflammation since I was little, and I constantly experience intense emotional pain and distress. Medications didn’t help and had side effects, but I experience relief and dramatically depuff when I feel loved and connected, or special to people.

Hardness can feel really good when it’s resilience, not rebellion.

Enlightenment would include a transcended conscious experience of bliss, and love for all beings.

I want to save the world. I live with “the weight of the world.” God bless, I’m grateful for everyone. See the world through me, see the world in me, and believe that the way I give meaning to the world means that I am the world. My experience of the world is the experience of the life of the world. The world is my life, and my life is the life of the world. If you love me, you are generous to the world. The world is beautiful through my experience of being the self of the world. The whole world is beautiful through the meaning you can see in me. The whole world is worthy of love, and I am worthy of love as the whole world. The meaning of the world in me is empathetic. The meaning I give to the world is all empathetic meaning, embodying the consciousness of the world’s ideals. The meaning of the world is the meaning of life, by living the consciousness of the world, you live the life of the world. Do you choose to be the world? Give the whole self of the world meaning. The world experiences itself through you. The world is beautiful through your experience of being the self of the world, the world is beautiful through the meaning you can see in yourself. The whole world is worthy of love, and you are worthy of love as the world.

Not everything is wisdom, but there is always wisdom like angels.

Inherent meaning of life gives us divine creative purpose, we are here to bring inherent meaning of life to fruition for everyone.

Inspiring people is not just guidance but giving hope. It is poetic how people respond to life. You are poetic and therefore give others strength through how you add value to reality. Everybody should try to be inspiring. Idolization is trust.

Intend to transform all of your reactions so that you are learning specific ideas which are obviously helpful to you by nature.

Acting submissive shouldn’t be about taking or satisfying, it’s about belonging.

Attachments may seem like commitment but aren’t dedication, commitment is dependent upon not only brain function, but separate positive dedication. Whenever attachments are relevant, reactions may happen.

Values are powers, embodying values requires dedication.

Authority (a noun): the source of leadership given as dominance inclusively in order to manifest action; competent authority is manifest respect because it is care, and trust because direction is offered. The most powerful responses are the most useful, except in relation to the subjective mind, efficacy isn’t subjective. The polar opposite of prioritizing isn’t dedicating time to less useful activities, it’s acting hedonistic. To act considerately we should not be focused on having punishing thoughts nor hedonistic thoughts. You don’t need to trust your feelings nor your impulses to guide you. You are more than your reactions, and you have power that you can develop in order to change your being. If you don’t have a set of principles or a system to use consciously to make decisions, you’re relying upon your subconscious intuition. We miss out on a deeper understanding of meaningful life when we’re focused on shallow ideas. Prioritizing is integral to acting considerately, we make choices of both being outwardly focused in some form and also we prioritize which needs or interests we can attend to.

Innocence is freedom inside, from evils that cause loss in every person’s life. Imagine becoming innocent, and the moment you realize you are, you experience liberation from cruelty. Innocence is liberation from all negativity, because innocence is peace. Imagine that this liberation is spiritual enlightenment. Intend innocence, and even when you experience the temptations of evil you will still be good.

Humanity is a system, love acts creating peace; and if we allow trauma to separate us, we may be further dominated by our reactions, a vacuum instead of a home. Peace is harmony.

Your reactions may not seem to represent your whole self, but your life doesn’t have to be about you.

You deserve to experience any form of your humanity, whether you adhere to social standards or not.

Detachment is nihilism because embodying creative purpose is a practice of gratitude. Nihilism is the representation of the ego, which even denies the self-purpose, instead feeding the user with experiences of need and change.

Love is God’s gift, and therefore sex is a blessing.

Sexuality can allow one to experience pride for their partner, as they admire them.

Will gives life meaning, in order to understand the purpose of meaning one must have intentions.

Loving people unconditionally allows you to be truly present with them because they experience life as a whole story, not as a way to define themselves to you.

We are not special because we win our wants and needs, we are special because of meaning.

Intense gratitude can cause one to experience that someone is so special to them.

We can surrender to the love of our partner, to the meaning of their love. I want to surrender to the love of everyone.

Ceremonies allow us to embody virtues by surrendering.

The meaning of love is true generosity.

We can differentiate life between the experiences of faith, worshiping the gift of positive meanings through gratitude, and purpose, the sense of human duty. We can experience faith through having faith in God’s Creation.

Experiences of awe can induce gratitude, appreciation, celebration, cooperation, patience, tolerance, understanding, etc.

Hope is belief and faith. Faith is worship, even if it is worship of values. We can worship virtues that are present in our lives because those virtues are higher powers. Those higher powers imbue Creation with meaning. Any belief can belong within the realm of devotion because of hope that defines beliefs. Worshiping God, who these powers belong to, allows us to experience love. We devote ourselves to beliefs, while hope is faithful through commitment, which is an experience of worship.

Consciousness is presence and is precious and special because of any consent. By asking people to cooperate we have another opportunity to understand more deeply that they are special and therefore the blessings that give them meaning are special, and that their presence is always sacred because they were created.

Ambition is the appreciation of value that you want to add to your life.

Inside, I am always trying to keep religion alive for everyone, especially because of the synchronicity of the moon.

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