WLMC 2022-2023 Year in Review

WLMC celebrates an accomplished 2022-2023 year!

Daniel Molster, WLMC Station Manager, Director of Operations for LC Voies & Advisory Board Member

You’re listening (reading) to WLMC- Landmark College Radio in Putney, Vermont… Celebrating 15 Years On-Air!


Another year has come and gone, and it often makes one wonder what has happened throughout that year. WLMC has had another successful year, somehow performing even stronger than last year! This story will list the accomplishments from this academic year that WLMC has achieved.


  • World College Radio Day 2022 Participating Station, October 7th, 2022
  • WLMC Visits the White House for WCRD 2022, October 19th, 2022
  • IBS Award: Best College Radio Station Online/Streaming (Under 10,000 Students), February 2023 (Intercollegiate Broadcasting System)
  • IBS Award: Best Radio Drama in the Country (Entertainment TOON-NIGHT), February 2023 (Intercollegiate Broadcasting System)
  • Vinylthon 2023 Participating Station, April 22nd-23rd, 2022
  • WLMC hits record DJ retention (88% of DJs from F22 -> SP23)
  • WLMC Celebrates 15 Years On-Air with 15th Anniversary Celebration! (Ongoing)

WLMC remains committed to the Landmark College community and LC Voices Family. WLMC is planning more exciting events, content, and opportunities in the upcoming academic year. This semester is also a pivotal point in WLMC’s history. As we celebrate the achievements of WLMC this term, we are also saying goodbye to some of the current WLMC leaders as they head out to new and exciting opportunities. WLMC will say farewell to Archive Director, Amelia Withington at the conclusion of the semester as she graduates with her associate degree. Additionally, I (Daniel Molster) will be leaving WLMC and LC Voices at the conclusion of the term as I graduate with my bachelor’s degree.

It has been a pleasure, an honor, and a privilege to serve as WLMC Station Manager for three years and a member of the LC Voices Advisory Board since its inception in 2022. I wish nothing but the best for the future leadership of all LC Voices outlets and I am so excited to see what they accomplish next. I look forward to re-connecting at alumni events in the future, and I will forever cherish the time I’ve spent with WLMC Radio, Voices TV, and LC Voices.

Thanks to everyone who has supported WLMC Radio this past year, we look forward to Fall 2023!

You’ve been reading, WLMC- Landmark College Radio in Putney, Vermont… Celebrating 15 Years On-Air!

Stay tuned over the Summer for more updates from WLMC Radio, Voices TV, & Voices Magazine here on the LC Voices website!