First Sign of Spring

First Sign of Spring

Sofia Spraggins

Springtime came to Monroe! The earth is made new with the freshest scent of sweet grass and flowers. The girls are at the meadow to enjoy the fresh air while Clara picked flowers for her friend to make a crown.

“I love spring, it’s one of my favorite seasons,” she said.

“Summer also has warm weather but they both have rain.” said Tig. He peered over to see if the crown is set. Clara then put it on Tig’s head and asked, “What do you think?” “It feels just right, thank you,” he said warmly.

As the two played together, they saw a butterfly that landed on one of the flowers. Clara was very curious when she saw the beautiful insect that she cupped it in her hands and gave it a gentle blow and it flew away.

So, she decided to chase it until she saw a boy holding something in his hands. Tig soon followed her and went over to ask what he’s doing. “Check out this cool caterpillar, isn’t it cool or what?”

Clara and Tig looked at the wiggling insect and stroked its back. “It feels smooth” said Tig.

“It does, doesn’t it? The name’s Ling,” the boy said friendly and struck out his hand.

Tig shook his first then Clara. “So, what brings you out here in the meadow?” asked Clara. Ling told them that he’s out observing some insects and plants and told them that he hopes to be a biologist when he grows up.

“How exemplary” replied Clara. Ling then said that he would like to show them something. The two followed him and saw that he’s taking them to a butterfly garden. Ling opened the door cautiously and inside are lots and lots of butterflies flying around. Some of them drank nectar from the different flowers while others played with each other. There is also a fountain inside where they could go for a drink.

As the three walked in, a few butterflies came flying towards them while one of them landed on Tig’s head. “It seems that they really like you” the boy chuckled.

Clara asked Ling if he comes here often. “Sometimes, but only on certain days when I feel unhappy.”

He told them that those butterflies are like his friends and that they keep him company.

He also said that the butterflies are very happy to be in their home and if they want to get out, he’d open the windows for them. “Don’t worry, some of them might come back when the cold season comes” said Ling.

The three played and hang out with their butterfly friends for a long time. Ling then asked his friends if they’re hungry and that he knows a good place to get lunch. He and his friends went to a fast food place and chat. “After that, we could go out and search for bugs” Ling said.

The three friends went back to the butterfly garden and Ling gave them a pair of gardening gloves and a jar. The hunt was on and the group began to catch some very interesting insects like inchworms or beetles.

As they were done, they closed their jars and set them down out of the garden. The cat ladies soon came towards Clara and Tig saying that they’ve been looking for them. Tig told them about the amazing bug experience that they have. “Well, that’s nice and who’s your friend there?” asked Citrusella.

Clara said that his name’s Ling and that he’s going to be a biologist someday. “I hope that you find some interesting things in nature life and cherish it within” said Minty.

Ling smiled and showed them the bugs they caught. Then they saw five butterflies coming out of the window and flew towards the group.

“They sure look beautiful” said Nougetsia happily. The other ladies agreed as one butterfly flew and landed on top of Clara’s finger.

“It was nice getting to know you and your friends, and now it’s time for you to go.” She gave it a kiss and let it go to join the others on their flight to a new world while the others watch.