Student Leadership Conference – Active Leadership


Eden Kayser and Matty Robson


Student Leadership Conference


Emily North, Eric Matte, Lee Crocker, Tamara Stenn, and more


Lewis Building


Saturday March 25th from 10 AM to 3 PM


Eden Kayser says: “The yearly annual Student Leadership Conference is a can’tmiss for current student leaders, and students looking to become leaders. This is your chance to participate in leadership activities and learn new skills. This year’s theme is active leadership, and all workshops are designed to be more interactive and engage students. At this allday event, you get to choose workshops are most useful to you and earn a certificate of completion at the end of the event. You can also enjoy a complementary bagel breakfast bar and a free commemorative mug.”

“If you’re interested you can even join my discussion-based leadership workshop on Networking where you will learn how to communicate, work with, and mutually support other groups in your leadership journey, which will be held in the Admin Conference Room at 2:15 PM.”

Matty Robson says: “On March 25th, the student activities center will be hosting their annual Student Leadership Conference. The theme chosen for this year is active leadership. It will help people learn what that is and will encourage people to be good active leaders and contribute to being a good active Landmark member. It brings everyone together! That’s why you can’t miss this!”

Sign up for the Student Leadership Conference here: Sign Up for 3/25 Student Leadership Conference (

Hope to see you there!