The Winter X Games

The Winter X Games

Sophia Spraggins

The Winter X games
Written by Sophia Spraggins

Today is the day for the Winter X games and the people of Monroe are excited. They are willing to see which teams will win for the championship. The games are being held at the snowy mountains of Matos. Even the whole world is watching them play on TV. It involves playing fair and with honor but could be competitive sometimes. “I’m so excited for the teams who are going to be participating in the games this year” said Minty. She and her friends are sitting with the crowd, drinking hot cocoa with whipped cream. T’pring and Tig are there with them, also joining in the occasion. “I think they might be doing snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling for the season since they’re the only sports there is,” agreed Snowanna. “Look, here they come now,” Citrusella said as she pointed to the three different teams who are coming to participate.

The three teams who showed up are Japan, Nigeria, and of course, the United States. There are four players in each of the three teams and the girls wondered if they’re good enough to win. And then they saw a flagger who monitored the players to come and take their positions. The announcer began to welcome the audience live on ESPN. The first sport that he announced is snowboarding. One member from each team got themselves ready as they took their position at the starting line and finish all the way to the village where the others are waiting. The horn blazed as the teams took off. The announcer also gave comments on what is happening in the event.

They moved side–to–side as a way to increase their speed and performed tricks up in the air as the ramp came close. Then they saw hidden bumps on their path and tried to avoid them safely, but unfortunately, one member of team Japan got hit by one of these bumps and had to be out. Team US and Nigeria came to a village and made their final effort to finish. Team Nigeria began to pick up the pace more, crossed the finish line and won the first game. “Now, it’s time for the skiing challenge” the announcer spoke. They went to another part of the mountains were the ski challenge is held. The members of the three teams rotate with new players for this sport. They got to the starting line and the guy said the words Ready, Set, GO! and the flagger waved the flag. The new members did well in that sport but came to a point when one member of the US team leaned too much and fell down. The audience had mixed reactions throughout the games.

Now it is Japan’s turn to finish the sport along with Nigeria and the female Japanese player surprisingly crossed the finish line with a male Nigerian player coming in second. “Looks like we’re on to the final event of the season you guys” said Jubileena. “Yeah, and whoever finishes the last will won first championship” added Citrusella. The announcer said that the final event is snowmobiling. The sun is starting to set while the lights are turned on automatically at the games. The members are all men this time, and they started their engines as they settled on their mobiles. The horn blazed once again as they start swiftly through the curbs of the track and did flips on the speed ramps. The audience roared and applauded them real loud for maximum support of those teams.

Jubileena thought they did improve better than the other two sports, but it was just the sake of competition. The three members soon came to the end and they all picked up the pace. It turns out that team US finished first and the crowd began to chant the name USA. When all is said and done, the announcer told the audience that there will be a medal ceremony at 8pm for the top three winners. The ceremony will also be closed with fireworks and everyone took an intermission. The girls, however, went to congratulate the three members who won the three games and shook hands with them. They drank more hot cocoa after and looked at the sunset where they could see town lighting up. “Hey, how about we go to take a little journey into town,” said Citrusella. “Ok, but we have to be back by the time the ceremony starts” said Jubileena.

The girls then ran to where town is and started to look around. They went to different gift shops and looked at the figures of angels, children with animals, Disney characters and of mystical creatures. Minty, on the other hand wanted to buy one of those figures for her room as a decoration. Next, they went to another shop and tried on different clothes and fancy hats and hair accessories to buy. They even tried some jewels on and testing perfumes on their necks. Then checked out some gift cards and bought some stuff like candy or toys. The last stop that they went to is a cozy restaurant downtown and had dinner there. It is time for the ladies to get back to the ceremony so Citrusella got out a red eyes black dragon and it came to life!

They flew to a crowd of people who are walking to where the fireworks are going to be displayed after. “Thanks for the ride red eyes” said Nougetsia. The dragon roared and went back to his card. They followed the crowd and took their seats so that the winners would get here. Just then, the players came and walked up to the podium and were being welcomed by applause. The announcer congratulated the three teams to participate in the games today and rewarded them with medals. Nigeria got first place with a gold medal, Japan second for silver and USA third for bronze.

Soon it is time for the fireworks to begin for celebrating the winners of the X games. The band began to play on speakers as the fireworks boomed in the sky and people were appalled by it. “Well ladies, what did you think of the X games? Did y’all have a good time?” the announcer went up to them with a microphone in his hand. “It was really fantastic, thanks to the team who made it possible for this season” said Snowanna happily, even though she didn’t realize that they are on camera! The announcer began to close with a brief message and said good night to the folks that are watching on live and the girls turned around for a wave and goodbye and went back to watch the fireworks.