Wings of Rebellion

Greg Despines, Associate Director of Sales and Marketing

*The scene your about to read takes place in the first issue, the main protagonist, Sam McCane and Diego Wilson Are going to join the W.O.R. demon hunting Corp. But first they have to pass a trial, Sam and Diego have to retrieve a rare ore called Paradiso silver, this ore is used to make weapons despite being really rare, and now our heroes travel to Norway in the woods where Paradiso silver is the most
common. Sam and Diegos objective is to find a cave in the woods, theyve started their trial about a week ago.*

Diego: you have no idea how ridiculous this is, its already been a week and we still havent found that stupid cave, this ore better be worth it.

Sam: Relax Diego, Raphael said this wouldnt be easy, the cave is here we just have to keep looking.

Diego: Wait, I think thats it right there.

*Sam and Diego spot a cave, hopefully theyll find what their looking for in there*

Sam: Nice, all we have to do now is find the silver and the trial will be good as done.
Diego: alright lets get searching.
Sam: Wait, dont you remember what Annie said? She said that there could be a bear living in there, so we have to be really careful.
Diego: I almost forgot about that.

*Sam and Diego enter the cave and started looking for the Paradiso silver and luckily there wasnt any bears around*
Diego: come on, its got to be around here somewhere.
Sam: dont give up just yet, Im sure well find it soon
*Out of nowhere, a beam of light emits and Sam and Diego thought it would be good idea to follow it, they followed the light to the end of the trail*

Sam: hey, you think this is it.

Diego: It has to be, Im not spending another week in these woods.

*Sam and Diego start digging where the light was coming from and they wouldnt believe what they just found*

Diego: oh my god, is this what I think it is.

Sam: we did it, we actually found out silver. *Ha Ha*
Diego: Finally, we can get out these damn woods, I can finally stop sleeping on the ground and looking for my own food.
Sam: alright, Im going to contact Annie right now and tell her we got the silver.
*Sam contacts Annie that he and Diego got the Paradiso silver and eventually Sam and Diego finally go home*