Floss Rules the World


Catherine Brogan, Photo Editor

On February 1st, 2023, there was an Embroidery event in the stone hall coffee house. Two people attended the event, and Annie Goldberg was running the event. The kit included a needle, embroidery floss, and an instruction sheet with the different stitches needed to create the picture. The pictures offered by the kits were flower bouquets, cactuses, and flowerpots. 

My opinion of the event is that it was very nice and was calming too. I used to do embroidery in high school doing a project, and I remember enjoying it a lot then. When you have free time to sit down, it really helps you do something with your hands. It gave me a chance to learn new things about embroidery and new stitches. 

One student who attended said that they’d “never tried embroidery before, but I have always wanted to learn.”



There is an embroidery group that meets every Thursday from 13pm in the Student Center Café Court.