WLMC Celebrates 15 Years On-Air


Daniel Molster, WLMC Station Manager & LC Voices Director of Operations

Can you believe that it’s been 15 years? WLMC Radio, Landmark College’s nationally awardwinning internet streaming radio station is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2023. Launching
back in August of 2008, the college radio station has become a staple of both academic and student life on the Landmark College campus. With a fully studentrun operation, students have
been able to get realworld, handson experience in multiple areas of interest including disc jockeying, news production, content curation, and even management. WLMC will be using its
15th anniversary logos across many different areas of advertising and campus for
the remainder of 2023.

The logo was first unveiled on Thursday, February 9th in preparation for the Family Weekend rollout. Station leadership deliberated on six logo variants and decided on the option they best believed symbolized legacy while keeping most of the traditional elements from WLMC’s logo. The logo was designed by an intern in Landmark College’s Marketing and Communications department (MARCOM), Zack Roy. WLMC’s 15th anniversary is not only about changing the logo or signage.

In addition, WLMC “Legacy Content” now airs daily in addition to the normal mix of music and programming. This makes it even more inviting for faculty, staff, and alumni to join the celebration according to station leadership. Content from every era of WLMC Radio is represented, from the earliest days to modern favorites.

WLMC Night Owl, the wildly successful overnight programming block that launched in 2021, will also receive a slight refresh for the 15th anniversary including new bumpers, a modified logo, and the return of “Talking Nerdy”, a WLMC fan favorite for many semesters in the midtolate 2010s. Programming changes go into effect on February 15th beginning at 12 AM with the return of “Talking Nerdy.” All of these adjustments are in conjunction with all of the other WLMC programming, live content, and other initiatives currently happening.

Whether you are looking forward to WLMC Night Owl updates, retro content, or freshly updated signage one thing remains true: WLMC Radio is studentrun, studentdriven, and studentoriented. And that will never change.

Leave us a comment about what you are excited about for WLMC’s 15th Anniversary! Then, make sure to join the celebration at wlmc.landmark.edu! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WLMC!