Magic Wings


Matty Robson and Guinevere Downey

The Magic Wings Conservatory is based in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, and has over 3000 butterflies in their living collection, yearround. They brought a few butterflies up to Landmark College campus this past Saturday as part of their travelling show. Our reporter went to the event, and this is what they had to say about it:

The event took place at the Lewis Auditorium they’d covered the walls in wooden and papercraft butterflies.
The event was a presentation on the life cycle, anatomy, and conservation of butterflies really interesting! They brought 51 species of butterflies my favorite was the Monarch butterfly its yellow wings were lovely. I’m glad I went!

On Friday, February 17th, the college will be hosting the Vermont Institute of Natural Science and two live owls, if you feel like you missed out on getting to see interesting creatures!