Clara’s secret garden

Clara’s secret garden

Sophia Spraggins

It was a snowy, rainy night and the ladies are all asleep in their beds. Clara, the magic doll slowly began to wake up and climbed down from Tig’s bed and tiptoed across the floor. I think it’s about time to find a place to visit on my own, she thought. She is going to try to find a garden that she could explore. As Clara walked, a secret door appeared on the wall which shaped of an almond.  The young girl turned the knob which leads her to an entrance straight across from her. There too, is a road made out of gravel. The sky is pale gray with light rain and muddy puddles on the ground. She could see that there aren’t any cars around here and crossed over.

The entrance has two glossy pillars with an arc that is carved in exquisite designs. Then she came to a field of tall green grass that she had to push them out of her way to see better. The grass then began to grow short as she passed by and cleared the pathway. From here, she could see a gate and behind it was a greenhouse, the perfect place to come and be herself for a change. Just then, Clara began to feel that she had grown to her normal size. “Well, that wasn’t so hard, I guess.” She ran up to the gate as fast as she could. The gate in front of her has the shape of a leaf, knowing that it’s part of the garden sanctuary. She reached out to touch it until suddenly the leaf began to open his eyes. The girl jumped back, looking startled. “State your name!” the gate commanded. “My name is Clara, sir,” she said bravely. “Why have you come here?” it asked. She told that she came here to visit the secret garden. “Very well child, you may enter!”

The gate then closed his eyes as he opened the gate for her to pass. Clara crept in slowly to where the greenhouse is and closed right behind her. Clara looked around and saw a group of purple flowers on her left and white ones on the right. She then walked closer and closer to the glass doors and pushed them gently, which made them swing a bit. She gasped and saw the greenhouse is covered with weeds and leafy plants. “It looks like a jungle in here,” Clara said. She continued all the way down and came to a wooden door which should be the last. She opened it and inside is a garden room with a library. The light in there felt kind of warm because of the cold rain. It can also change in different colors like blue, green, purple or red.

There would be soothing and flowing music playing in the background that she could dance to. Right now, she is having good use of her time to relax and enjoy herself. After spending time in that room, she woke up the next day and found herself in living room. She saw that she had grown shorter before she came to the garden. And so, she made breakfast while her friends are still sleeping. Nougetsia was the first one to smell that wonderful scent of French toast, with egg sausage. There is also the scent of coffee on the table. As soon as she’s done, the girl snuck to her hiding space. “Breakfast time, everybody up let’s go!” Clara watched as she watched them feast. T’pring made herself some tea and poured orange juice for Tig. Then she watched the three cats, Crumbelina, Citrusella, and Snownna playing a game of cards, Now is my chance to get a close up. She climbed out of the kitchen drawer and jumped down to the floor.

She quietly got close and went under the table where she could see them playing silently. They are also having pretzels and chips as a snack mix in separate bowls. As she watched them play, she accidentally stepped on a chip. “What was that?” Citrusella asked. “I don’t know” said Snowanna. Crumbelina searched overhead then looked down at the table and pointed the finger towards someone hiding there. “Look there, it’s the girl that Tig wanted as a present, and it’s alive!” she said surprisingly. “Yes, I am, but please don’t be alarmed, I have been good to young Tig since.”

Citrusella checked her over and picked her up with two of her fingers and set her down by the palm of her hand. “Do you have a name?” questioned Citrusella. “Yes, it’s Clara” the girl said. Then she told them about her own secret garden and was hoping that she could take them there soemtime. The girls nodded in agreement as Clara jumped off the feline’s palm and enlarged herself. “There, that’s better” she sighed. “Now then, who is it that wants to see me?” T’pring soon came to the living room along with the other four felines and she asked what’s going on. Citrsuella told them that Clara is the one who’s been snooping about all this time. T’pring went up to the girl but didn’t do anything to make her nervous. She stretched out her hand as a way of welcoming her as a friend. She accepted her gesture and smiled.