Crystals Galore!


Sophia Spraggins

On a clear morning, the girls slept soundly after the snowstorm passed. Snowanna woke and when she opened the cottage door, she was surprised to see a truckload of snow that went up to her knees. She walked closer and saw the beautiful sunrise on the horizon. Then, she saw something gleaming in the distance. She squints her eyes and saw that there is a cave ahead. She went to the cottage and told her sisters that they have to go investigate inside. Promethius is floating when he awoke from his rest. He asked about the Crystal cave that Snowanna saw and told them that the crystal cave is filled with glorious treasures that are hidden.

“People who come here to look at the crystal caves also must be looking for hidden treasure as well, but unfortunately, they never found it.” He said that the treasure is only located within one’s heart which is inside a secret door. “I’ll be accompanying you on this trip” said Promethius. The gang started heading down after they finished their breakfast. Suddenly, a snowball is rushing towards them. “Look out,” Promethius warned as he tried to stop the snowball but was caught so Snowanna saved him with one blast! “You okay” she asked. “I’m fine thanks to you” said Promethius humbly then asked if they should continue.

They soon made it to the end of the mountain and are now on the ground. They made snow tracks while they walk on thick brand-new snow. Promethius is up front along with Snowanna and he could see the cave isn’t far from here. “My fiery senses say we’re close” he said. They rushed quickly towards the entrance and as it grew closer, they paused for a moment. Inside the cave, they could see a lot of light because of the jewels that are hanging on top. “Careful ladies, it might be a little risky, I’ll go first.” And so, Promethius slowly crept inside the cave and said to them that it’s all clear. The others soon joined him. The caves look so beautiful that they looked at all the different jewels that are apart from each other.

Soon, they came to the end of the cave and Promethous asked one of the ladies to volunteer to open the door. “Step aside girls, I got this” said Crumbelina confidently. She walked up to the door and she cracked her fingers and squeezed them together. Then she grabbed the handle and pulled it with all her might. Then the door automatically began to open and that this secret room is filled with crystals. “Now then, find the most precious treasure that is found within your hearts” the fireball commanded. The girls split up and searched their own treasure by sensing its energy. T’pring and young Tig watched as they did so.

The energy is now getting warmer when the girls got closer and closer, and everything seems to be really quiet. Then, they closed their eyes and started to hear a tinkling sound. It was the sound of the crystals! They flew straight towards them and are placed into their hands. The girls then opened their eyes. They look like medium-sized crystals and on them show the values that are scripted on each crystal. Jubileena has courage, Crumbelina got joy, Nougetsia spirit, Minty victory, Snowanna community, Citrusella equality, and Taffyta diverse. T’pring then asked Promethius about her glorious treasure. He used his energy to make the crystal elevate and it appeared to be a pink, heart-shaped crystal knowing that she’s a caring person.

“What about your little friend there?” Promethius asked. “I guess he doesn’t want one, he already has a friend to take care of” said T’pring. “Well, I say that we get out of this place,” Promethius called to the girls. “The quest is over.” So, he used his energy once more to elevate the crystals. He told them to hold on as they are being lifted off the ground and flew the same way they had come, into the cave. As they made into daylight, the crystals landed them gently and the cave door started to close. “What’s going to happen to it now?” asked Minty. The fireball said that the cave might sink when the next snow fall comes and be extinct. “I guess that we should go back now” said Jubileena, knowing that this a magical experience to remember.