WLMC Desk Report: Night Owl Refresh!

WLMC’s Popular Overnight Programming Block to get Major Content Refresh.


Daniel Molster, WLMC Station Manager

Well, hello there! Last week, we had a special segment on WLMC at The White House! What an incredible adventure and certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Before that happened, I intended to talk about a little birdie that was taking flight very soon. For those who might’ve guessed, I’m talking about WLMC Night Owl! What exactly is WLMC Night Owl? It’s an eight hour automated programming block airing nightly on WLMC from 12 AM-8 AM EST. What you may not know is how popular this block has become over the past year! We launched WLMC Night Owl about 13 months ago, and from the beginning audiences were flocking to it! With that being said, the content has not changed since launch (with the exception of some additional student pieces or seasonal music here-and-there).


I’m excited to announce that WLMC Night Owl will be getting a major refresh starting on November 1st  alongside the WLMC Winter Wonderland holiday content mix starting on November 1st! What exactly can audiences expect from 12 AM-8 AM each night? Here’s a brief overview of what’s coming at the relaunch!


12 AM-2 AM:

 Shark Jam- Get ready to keep the energy up high every night with Shark Jam! A grab bag of WLMC fan favorite music every night awaits you!


2 AM-4 AM:

Vinyl Vault- Love the oldies? You’re going to LOVE Vinyl Vault! We’ll be breaking into the WLMC Vinyl Library every night for the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and today!


4 AM-6 AM:

DJ Finn’s Mix- Get ready to celebrate with Landmark’s very own host with the most: Finn the Shark! Finn’s playing his favorite seasonal content every single night, so don’t miss out on this festive programming block!



6 AM-8 AM:

Entertainment TOON-NIGHT- WLMC’s wackiest and wildest show returns to the airwaves every night! Get ready to experience madcap mayhem, music, comedy, and a whole lot of cartoon chaos every single night!



LC Voices’ website will be updated to reflect the new schedule once the relaunch happens. You can click below to view the WLMC Night Owl page.


I’d love to hear in the comments if you’re a Night Owl or a Daytime Fanatic. When do you prefer to be awake vs. sleep?


Next week, we’re going to kick the spotlight over to our people and our October Analytics! Learn about the WLMC Leadership Team and maybe even a few DJs next week.

Until next time everyone, have a great week!

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