LC Voices Karaoke

Lauren Orser, Director of Technical Operations

Over the weekend, Voices TV hit a milestone of 76 subscribers! In honor of Lauren Orser’s final farewell, she set the goal of 65 subscribers to achieve a karaoke video with the LC Voices Staff. This video features students from the different media under the voices umbrella; WLMC, Voices TV, and Voices Magazine.


Featured in this video:

Kenny Pepper – WLMC DJ & Director of Operations for LC Voices
Lauren Orser- Director of Technical Operations at Voices TV & Graphic Designer for Voices Magazine
Petar Petrovic – Station Manager at Voices TV, Associate Station Manager at WLMC & Editor for Voices Magazine
Brendan Lemieux – Veteran DJ at WLMC & Editor for Voices Magazine
Jalen Cyrus – Reporter at Voices TV
Gyuri Kepes – Faculty Advisor for Voices TV
Eric Matte – Faculty Advisor for WLMC