WLMC DJ Awards Spring 2022

WLMC celeberates the end of the year with recognition of the top DJs!

Daniel Molster, WLMC Station Manager

WLMC is proud to announce this year’s Station DJ Awards! Images of the certificates (prior to signing) are in the images. We’re so proud of this year’s DJs! Also included is an image of our two national awards from World College Radio Day 2021 and the IBS (Intercollegiate Broadcasting System) earned in Fall 2021 & Spring 2022 respectively.

Category Winners:

Best New DJs: Eden Kayser & Dylan Basora-Kennelly

Best Veteran DJ: Danny Williams

The Shark Award: Mila Bloom

WLMC Spirit Award: Kenny Pepper

Faculty Advisor’s Award: Matthew Snell

Station Manager’s Award: Jason DeWald


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