CDI and The Great Expansion

Landmark College is a place that has always embraced diversity. In the spirit of that, we are pleased to announce that the Centers for Diversity and Inclusion are expanding once again to welcome other groups. The Pa’lante Center for Latin students will be getting its own room!

The Centers for Diversity and Inclusion, more commonly known as CDI, has always been a resource for students. As Zoe Feil puts it “The CDI is a hub to connect and learn about different communities and your own community.”

CDI provides inclusive oriented programing for Landmark students. This entails events such as movie nights, bro talks, discussions, and parties. In addition, the CDI promotes safe spaces for students, frequent dialogs with administrations and helping students cultivate the skills to empower themselves.

Unfortunately, despite Landmarks’ goal of inclusion, space has been limited. For some time Pa’Lante has been operating without a space for it to call “home”. Next semester that plight comes to an end.

The Frost Hall gym will be closing to make room for the new CDI expansion! The gym equipment will be moved during summer break so renovations can begin. The space will be the Pa’Lante Center, in addition to be a space for other groups and religious orientations.

Marc Thurman stated “The CDI should play the same role as residential life. Hand in hand it’s all about building community.”



Petar Petrovic

Christian Laureano