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Arcade Club

Get your retro game on with Arcade Club! We offer gameplay on Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube and Wii Consoles weekly with over 120 games to choose from! We are proud to be a judgment-free zone and anyone is allowed to join us. GAME ON!

  • Student Contact: Daniel Molster and Eden Kayser
  • Advisor: Scott Forthofer
  • Meeting Times: Thursdays & Saturdays at 8 p.m., Admin AUD

Art Club

No prior art experience is needed by students to join this club! Students can ask for help or be shown different techniques they might like to learn.

  • Advisor: Samuel Rowlett
  • Meeting Time: Tuesday at 6 p.m., FAB #411

Board Games Club

Join us to relax midway through a long week of classes by playing board games or other similar games. Card games and Jackbox are welcome! Come to every meeting, just a couple, or only once. We’re always happy to have you!

  • Advisor: Eve Khan
  • Student Contacts: Becky Scheff
  • Meeting Time: Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., Stone #014

Campus Activities Board

Want to help plan campus events and off-campus trips? All students are welcome to attend Campus Activities Board (CAB) meetings every Wednesday. No experience necessary. We are always looking for volunteers. This is a great way to get involved and meet new people!

  • Location: Student Center Game Room
  • Advisor: Emily North
  • Meeting Time: Thursdays at 5:30 p.m.

E-Sports Club

We play competitive video games that are oriented around cooperative play. We accept players of any skill level, but you must be committed once you join.

  • Student Contact:  James Withington
  • Advisor: TBD
  • Meeting Times: Wednesdays and Friday at 7:30 p.m, Online See SharkNet Calendar for join link.


Hillell provides a safe, accepting place to be Jewish on campus. Come join us every Friday night to light candles, drink some grape juice, eat challah and have fun!

  • Contact: Tamar Cohen
  • Advisor: Emily North
  • Meeting Time: Friday at 5 p.m., Dining Hall Conference Room

Horseback Riding Club

We learn about the horse world and take lessons.

  • Contact: Katie Marroni
  • Advisor: Lee Crocker

Impressions Writing Club

We meet once a week to do writing exercises, share and create stories, and express ourselves in a judgment-free zone.

  • Contact: Eden Kayser
  • Advisor: John Rose
  • Meeting Time: Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., Admin AUD

Landmark Dungeon Delvers

We are a club that is open to all students who want to play Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop RPGs.

  • Student Contact: Andrew Barrows
  • Advisor: Emily North
  • Meeting Time: Saturday at 1 p.m., Stone Hall #014

Landmark Wargaming Club

We endeavor to create and foster a wargaming community on campus for playing games, hobbies and resource sharing.

  • Student Contact: Lukas Pelletier
  • Advisor: Maggie Mae Farthing
  • Meeting Time: Sunday at 12:30p.m., FAB Black Box Theatre

Neurodiverse Brains Club

  • Student Contact: Holly Kasten
  • Advisor: Timothy Beck
  • Meeting Time: Wednesday at 6:15 p.m., Frost TV/Recreation Room

Remote Control Club

Our club aims to engage students in the hobby of remote-control vehicles. Club members are welcome to bring their personal vehicle to a meeting, but we also have remote-controlled cars, trucks and drones for students to use during club meetings.

  • Student Contact: Tanner Harris and Zachary Hahn
  • Advisor: Clark Johnson
  • Meeting Time: Wednesday at 1 p.m., Idea Lab (Lewis #002)

Spirituality Club

Our purpose is self-discovery and to better understand our place in the world.

  • Student Contact: James Peyrouse-Bremer
  • Advisor: Emily North
  • Meeting Time: Saturday at 7 p.m., Stone Coffeehouse

Student Government Association (SGA)

  • Student Contact: Petar Petrovic (F22)
  • Advisor: Matt Ingram
  • SGA Location: Student Center Basement, SC021

TV Production Club

Learn about TV studio equipment and the operations involved in producing a television show.

  • Contact: Petar Petrovic
  • Advisor: Gyuri Kepes
  • Meeting Time: Monday at 4 p.m., TV Studio (Lewis Basement)

Theater Club

A space for students to explore creativity and improv. We play all sorts of fun games, do read-throughs and plan to see local live shows. Theatre Club is for everyone, and no prior experience is necessary to participate!

  • Student Contacts: James Peyrouse-Bremer
  • Advisor: Josh Moyse
  • Meeting Time: Saturday at 2p.m., FAB Black Box Theatre

Voices Magazine

WLMC Radio Station

Welcome to WLMC, Land Shark Radio! WLMC is a noncommercial, educational radio station that streams live and prerecorded student programs over the Internet (on and off campus). WLMC is available 24/7.

For a complete listing of club meeting times, please check the SharkNet calendar.


Reach out to the Student Contacts or Advisors listed above directly!


For club formation processes, Student Activities, and general questions contact Emily North, Director of Student Activities at [email protected]

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