The Legend of Finn the Shark

Ever wonder why a shark is the symbol of Landmark College? You’re about to find out!


Daniel Molster, WLMC Station Manager, Director of Operations for LC Voies & Advisory Board Member

Landmark College is one-of-a-kind. There are many things that make Landmark unique, but one might say the strangest choice was to have a shark as their symbol. Why on Earth would a shark be the symbol of a college in a land-locked state like Vermont? There is a reason that goes back several decades ago to a simpler time. Every great icon has a legend. This is Finn the Shark’s.

Long, long ago there was an ancient tribe. This tribe was peaceful, mischievous, and fun-loving. They say that this tribe was one of the strangest around. They were all giant sharks that could walk on land! The shark tribe watched over a sacred ground in rural Vermont, but they became especially interested in 1985. The tribe noticed new inhabitants had arrived and renamed the sacred grounds “Landmark College.” The council of tribe leaders spent many moons watching and observing the new settlers of the sacred grounds. They noticed something peculiar about them: these inhabitants were not sharks—they were humans.

The sharks had seen humans before, but none quite like these. These humans seemed to struggle differently than the others, yet they never stopped trying. One night, the shark council had a meeting to discuss the inhabitants of the sacred grounds. The Grand Shark, who was the tribe leader, said to the council, “These humans are not like the others. There is something… different about them. I can’t quite put my flipper on it.” A roar of whispers and murmurs went around the room as the council tried to figure out what the difference was. At that time, a baby shark wandered into the room and stared out of a window. The shark stared at the humans until he saw the true difference.

As the council continued its discussion, the baby shark walked to the center of the room and gave a mighty roar, one unlike any other. All the sharks stared in amazement; the Grand Shark’s jaw dropped. “This is the thing. That’s what makes these humans unique. They are different. They always move forward. They take on challenges head on. This young shark has shown us that. Thank you, my boy.”

The baby shark stepped back and waved nervously at the council. The Grand Shark looked down and said to the young shark, “What is your name, son?”

The baby giggled in delight, “Finn. Finn the Shark.”

The Grand Shark knew what needed to be done. He said “You, Finn… You are the first great Landmark Shark. You will bring people love and joy. But most importantly, you will ALWAYS move forward. YOU are the new spirit of Landmark.”

The baby shark stared in awe as the great council cheered and applauded him. Over the next few years, the shark council began training the next generation of Landmark Sharks. Finn has been the name of every great Landmark Shark, starting with that original Finn in 1985. Whenever a new Finn enters the sacred grounds of Landmark College, the previous Finn looks down from above with all the great Landmark Sharks of the past. One could say as long as there is Landmark, there will always be Finn the Shark.


Finn the Shark is the symbol of moving forward, celebrating differences, and making progress toward one’s own goals. He is beloved by generations of Landmark College students and is the star of the show wherever he may go. Finn’s personality is mischievous, fun, loyal, caring, loving, and kind-hearted. He is easily recognized because he’s the only shark in Vermont! Finn is always up for high-fives, hugs, taking pictures, dancing, or just spending time with you, so make sure to say hello when you see him around campus!