The Adventures of Finn D. Shark: Shark Day Festivities


Finn D. Shark, Roaming Reporter & LC Mascot

Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday to ME, Happy Birthday… oh.
Well it’s about time you got back here!


Well, hello to you too! I bet you’ll never guess what today’s story is about. Come on, guess. They’ll NEVER figure this one out heh… WHAT???? You knew it was my Birthday?! I hope you bought presents and cake, or you’re not invited to the rest of the story. Okay, fine… you can read the rest of the story.


It was a chilly Friday, February 10th, to be exact. I woke up and was greeted by the sound of adoring fans cheering, “WE LOVE FINN! WE LOVE FINN!” A more beautiful string of words there never was. I got out of bed and ran to the Dining Hall to find a beautiful shrine that was made in my honor! I think they called it a “Photo Op,” but I knew better… After using my celebrity status to charm my adoring fans, they sang “Happy Birthday” to me, which nearly brought a tear to my shark eyes. I then went back to my home, I MEAN vacation pad, and took a quick nap before the big game.


Ahh… the annual basketball game. This is one of my favorite parts of my birthday celebration! The players get together to honor ME with a basketball game and bring more of my adoring fans to watch them. Although we all know that I am why they come to watch the game… they love my swag toss halftime performance! It was a fun game to watch, and as you can see, I was on the edge of my seat, wondering who would win! But I took a few shots and helped win the game singleflippered! Those basketball players really owe me, don’t they?


All in all, it was a great day. The moral of this story is to be thankful to know that people love and care about you. In fact, I love all my fans, and seeing them is one of the things that makes my life worth living. Oh, my goodness, I didn’t mean to start crying! YEEOUCH! Why do my eyes suddenly hurt? It’s like a burning sensation… It’s probably just the… lighting in the room. Yeah… Anyways, it’s time for me to take a nap. Until next time…

Remember Keep Moving Forward!

Finn D. Shark

LC Voices Roaming Reporter & LC Mascot


Images by Catherine Brogan
Images by Catherine Brogan
Images by Catherine Brogan
Images by Catherine Brogan
Images by Catherine Brogan