The Adventures of Finn D. Shark: Flippers in the Snow

Finn is BACK! Check out his first adventure for the term.


Photo by Catherine Brogan

Finn D. Shark, Roaming Reporter & LC Mascot




Well, it’s about time YOU got here! I was starting to think you’d never come back to the blog. Not too much has changed since we last checked in… except the elves and workshop have suddenly disappeared. Also, it’s no longer warm out. AND on top of all that- it’s a different month. Okay, so maybe a lot has changed since my last adventure…


Today’s adventure took place outside in the snow. Now, you might be thinking: “Finn- you’re a shark! I thought sharks were allergic to snow?” I would tell you; you are wrong! Sharks, (such as myself) LOVE snow! So, what is a better thing to do than stroll around Landmark College in the snow where all my loyal fans can see me? Answer: NOTHING! I spent the whole afternoon wandering throughout campus in this snowy backdrop putting my flippers into the cold, deep, icy, crystalized snow. Trust me- it was BEAUTIFUL!  But boy oh boy, it was COLD!


You can see in the pictures that I had a good time enjoying the first snow of the semester. What a way to begin the semester, I even heard a big BOOM! Something tells me I shouldn’t have un-plugged that wire from behind the library… Regardless, getting my flippers into that snow was a chilling experience but also a wonderful one. Winter is truly a special, arguably magical time of the year in Vermont.


You know- OUCH! That’s odd… why do my flippers ache suddenly? Hmm… this isn’t the only time things have ached or hurt lately. I’m sure it’s nothing…  I’m going to go take a nap, but thanks for coming to see me here on the blog today!  Until next time…


Remember- Keep Moving Forward!

-Finn D. Shark

LC Voices Roaming Reporter & LC Mascot

Photo by Catherine Brogan