Pentatonix Concert

Learn about the Pentatonix Christmas Spectacular from a fellow shark here!


Catherine Brogan

I really like the band Pentatonix, this band is a very good acapella group that sings mostly Christmas music. I like this band because their music is always so good during the holiday season. It always gets me into the holiday spirit because they always put out a different Christmas album out every year. Holiday music is always on repeat for me during Christmas time, it just makes me happy.


Their concert that I saw was the Pentatonix Christmas Spectacular. It was super fun because it was all Christmas music, and they were just having fun. One of the band members, Scott Hoying was hilarious the whole show. In the middle of the show, they had a wheel called “The Wheel of Christmas” it had a lot of Christmas songs that were not on their set list. They did a little mashup of all the songs. The set was cute because it had snowflakes and the lights were pretty too.


During the concert they played a lot of my favorite songs such as Amazing Grace, Star on Top, and so much more. At one point they did a Tik Tok with everyone in the audience. We learned a part of the song Hallelujah and put our phone lights on. Pentatonix did a different one every show which is super cool. There was a band called Girl Named Tom who was the opener, and they were good. Also, that band sang during the show a song called Evergreen and it was super cute.


I highly recommend going to see one Pentatonix show because it is so positive and fun. The show was well done, and everything went super smoothly. Some points the band would be talking to each other and say, “Sorry we were talking.” It was so funny! Some of the songs really connected with a lot of real time things, for example Evergreen talked about how mothers change everyone’s lives and everything that they do for us. It was a great experience overall.