The Adventures of Finn D. Shark: Block Party Premiere


Finn D. Shark, Roaming Reporter & LC Mascot

Well hello again!

It is I- Finn D. Shark, roaming reporter extroardinaire! 

Boy, do I have a great story for you today. It all began a few days ago, I was on my way to what I thought was just a simple Meet & Greet (you know I love my fans!)… but boy I didn’t expect what was going to happen! When I arrived, I didn’t realize I was in a THEATRE!!! Now… some people may not know this but I am a true patron of the arts, a true art fanatic, or in other words… I’m quite the showman! I was escorted backstage to prepare and was told that this was a live show and that I was the STAR!!!!

What an honor! I was introduced and the 25 minute show began. We danced along to tons of great music like a song about feelings, another about busting ghosts, something about witches, oh yeah- the whole shebang! The coolest part though was that I had backup dancers… all of which were sharks!!!! How cool is that?!!?!?!?! They called it “Finn’s Block Party” and if the show happens again LC Voices will be sure to let you know… I think? If they won’t advertise it then I will of course…


Well, the spotlight is calling my name again but do check out some of the pictures from the show and I hope to catch you at the next Block Party performance and for my next entry in the blog.


Remember- Keep Moving Forward!

-Finn D. Shark

LC Voices Roaming Reporter & LC Mascot