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All the Ways To Get Involved With LC Voices

TAKE A COURSE WITH THE 3 BRANCHES OF LC VOICES: Voices TV, WLMC Radio, LC Voices(Website)/Publication

WLMC Radio:

COM1160: Radio Training

This one-credit course is a requirement for all students wishing to participate in the Landmark College Campus Radio Station, WLMC. In the course the “how-to” aspects of being a radio broadcaster and basic radio functioning will be covered. Direct instruction, observation and critique of performance will be provided. In addition, the station’s policies and practices from the station manual will be reviewed in depth. This course and experience with the Campus Radio Station will provide students with the skills and background toward developing potential opportunities in pursuing careers in mass media.

COM2065: Radio Production

This course provides is an overview of radio broadcast history, including past and present technologies, as well as standards of station organization and management through lectures, guests, field trips, and activities. In addition, there will be a focus on FCC regulations and radio’s cultural impact. There will be several hands-on group projects with students gaining experience in both technical and “on air” roles. Students will have the opportunity to develop pre-recorded radio content by becoming familiar with the studio sound board and microphones, and learn some basics of audio production such as editing, dubbing, and sound effects. They will work on scriptwriting and interviewing as well as practice various techniques employed by radio announcers such as pacing, voice dynamics, breathing, pronunciation, and inflection. Some of these pre-recorded productions will be geared to be aired through WLMC, Landmark College Radio.

COM3160: ST: Radio Broadcasting

Voices TV:

TV and Video Production – COM3062

Multimedia Journalism – JRN2021

Digital Storytelling  2 – COM2111

In this intermediate, one-credit course, students will learn how to construct compelling narratives using multiple media, including audio, and moving and still images. Instruction will emphasize information gathering and script writing, as well as production and editing techniques. Projects may include podcasts, infographics, live television programs, and short films.

Digital Storytelling  4 – COM4111

In this one credit course upper-level students from various programs will learn advanced techniques for creating multimedia digital content. Assignments will emphasize newsgathering and reporting as well as promotional and persuasive storytelling, and will include podcasts, radio advertisements, public service announcements, news segments, weather reports, vlogs, and independent projects. Students will work independently and in groups to complete projects from the concept of an idea, to its production in the studio or field, to final edited product. The instuctor will provide hands-on training in the proper use of cameras, audio equipment, lighting, and audio and video editing software.

LC Voices/Publication:

JRN1101: ST: Intro to Publication

This course serves as the management level of the Voices publication. Students in this course will work within the editorial or business side of the masthead, helping to lead and manage a specific element of the publication (e.g., literary editor or director of print operations.) The course may be taken in association with related courses within Professional Studies curriculum. The expectation of the course is that students will attend one management meeting each week and work an average of four hours a week in addition, in support of the publication.

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