Movie Review- Avatar: The Way of Water

Movie Review for Avatar: The Way of Water from a fellow shark!


Catherine Brogan

Avatar: The Way of Water starring Sam Worthington (Jake Sully) and Zoe Saldana (Neytiri), this movie is a science fiction film, and the main setting is on the planet called Pandora. The movie is a sequel to the original Avatar which was released in 2009.


Twelve years after Pandora was attacked by the Resources Development Administration (RDA), Chief Jake Sully of Omaticaya tribe raises a family with Neytiri. Together, they have three kids. Jake and his family get away from the forest and go to the Metkayina reef people at eastern Pandora seaboard.


The lighting was really good throughout the whole movie with all of the colors. For example, when it turns to night, and you can see that the coral and some of the fish glow in the dark. When they are exploring the coral reef, it has a nice and soft light and with clear water.”


The cinematography was really well done because the angles when they were in the water was really pretty and peaceful with the environment. A lot of the dramatic scenes were emotional and moving because of the bird’s eye and close views.


My overall reaction was very positive, I thought the movie overall was good. I found that this movie has a lot of action but mostly is peaceful. I was a fan of all the effects on the water and the environment in that civilization. My recommendation is to see it in 3D because you will feel like you are part of that civilization and in the water.

Make sure to enjoy Avatar: The Way of Water in theaters everywhere.